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Friday, May 22, 2009

The bedspread is out the window

I've had the most wonderful morning in consultation with my Colour Consultant. Mmmmm that just sounds good doesn't it! I thought I was going to sort out the exterior and, in fact, we discussed the colour scheme for the whole house. What a joy. And, most amazingly I totally suprised myself with some of the choices.

As a rule I hate wallpaper; now I'm having a wallpaper feature wall in my bedroom, in the entrance and in the lounge. Think bamboo for the bedroom. I know! It sounds crazy! Trust me, it's just gorgeous and I've been able to carry the theme through to my ensuite also. In the lounge the feature wall is going to be a grey/silver textured wallpaper. Again, I'm thinking the sound of it is odd but the sight of it is lovely. I wanted those two rooms to be escape havens of child free oases.
So that means that the lovely rose and white bedspread I had planned for my bed is no longer viable. It's just not going to look right with browns and greens so I'll have to dig out that pattern I have for a wave throw and create that instead. I've also changed my mind about cork tiles throughout the living area (it's a woman's prerogative you know). I have watched, over the past couple of days, and noticed that children continually play on the floor. While cork is warmer than wood or lino, it's still not that warm without the benefit of underfloor heating. Add this to the fact that cork tiles are at least $30 a metre more expensive and the area is HUGE the decision has now been made. I'll have cork in the kitchen and around the breakfast bar but the rest of the room will be carpet. I have a lovely friend who's going to love visiting . . . the carpet I've picked is so soft and warm: better yet, it can take being cleaned with janola if necessary. Woo Hoo. Can't wait until it's all done now . . . shame it's still four to six months away!

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