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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crochet New Born Clothes

Well, I just couldn't resist making the whole outfit once I'd completed the hat. All I'm waiting for now is the elastic for the top of the pants and it's ready to be wrapped and wait for the expectant mother to arrive back in the country. These are new born sizes and they still are big enough to make my eyes water and be very thankful that I've ended up with three children without having to actually give birth to them.
The pattern comes from a book I picked up in Spotlight in Rotorua. I've searched through the limited number of wool stores here in Tauranga and haven't come up with too many interesting patterns outside of cotten doilies etc so it's good to know that a quick trip to Spotlight will always result in interesting things. My next project is going to be a white cotten cushion cover from one of the circa 1970 pattern books I found in my mum's stash. I've asked Mum to scour around the shops in Canterbury (England) while she's there and to raid all of Aunty Min's patterns too so I'm hoping that by August I'll have so much material I won't know what to do with myself.

I quizzed mum this morning and asked her whether she thought, having seen my work, I'd be any good at sewing. I know I learned in school and I can sew up something basic but I'd like to get into making some "knock about the house" clothes for the kids in the summer and, when I finish my cardigan I'd love to know how to put the zip in. As it stands, I've had a kind offer from Greedy For Colour to borrow her mother-in-law for the sewing bit as my mum will be on the other side of the world.

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