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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ahhhh gadgets

Having sent father off on a fairly unsuccessful grocery shopping trip last week (he remembered wine and beer and forgot a number of staple items, despite the list) I wasn't expecting a great deal of success on his trip to Briscoes yesterday. Alas I was presently surprised and can't wait until dinner tonight.

Having a Dad who's a keen hunter and gatherer we have lots of healthy and wild options in our freezer. Last week was a haul of fish. We usually take these down to the local fish and chip shop who kindly cook it all up for a fraction of the cost of purchasing fish and chips. But, not to be outdone by professional fast food cooks, Dad has purchased a big, shiny deep fryer. Tonight he's in charge of dinner . . . I'll add that I'm apparently in charge of batter preparations . . . and we are all keenly awaiting our scrummy take-at-home (as opposed to take-away).

He also purchased a man gadget, namely a special machine for vacuum packing the aforementioned wild foods to be frozen. I'm also looking forward to seeing how this works. I'm also hoping that, as we have no fresh venison to be frozen it'll spark a week's hunting in the back of beyond. That's a selfish wish as it would mean a few days on our own in the house.

And a quick note about a comment from Liz at Day Care yesterday. It was freezing so I sported my Sugar Bowl Beanie and rugged up warm for the various collection of children. "Oh, I love your hat," Liz says enthusiastically. "Did Kate make that for you?" I'm not sure whether to be flattered or a bit disappointed really (that's a joke by the way). It seems that our Greedy For Colour gal is making quite a name for herself and it's only a matter of time before she's the Alan Sugar of all things crafty (and that's not a joke!).

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