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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fabulous Organisations - Thank You So Much

I have been constantly amazed at how many organisations there are out there for children and their families; institutions that are there soley to help parents and caregivers (such as myself) get the best out of and for their children.

I had my first visit to Plunket last week. What an awesome experience. We had lots of amusing things to play with while we waited for our appointment time and then, once we got in, there was no rushing, no fussing but lots of patience and lots of support. Both Janae and Rogan appear to be doing fine in height and weight (even if Rogan is at the bottom end of height).

We have Linmark come to see us once a month to assist with learning in the home. Virginia brings us fun toys that are also educational . . . although when I see the amount of water on the floor instead of in the bath I wonder how educational some of them are. We have a folder each for Janae and Rogan where I can put photographs and pictures they've done and keep track of milestones.

Each week we go to Mainly Music and dance and sing. Not only is it great fun for the children, excellent for their self expression, it's a great opportunity for me to meet other mums, discuss how difficult parenting can be, have a coffee and a chat while the kids fun about like mad things.

And, let's not forget school. I chose Kayley's school because it's where I was educated, it's the most amazing location, it's small and it's a place where ordinary kids go. What a success it's been. Kayley's reading has increased three levels in six months, her maths (which was non-existent) is becoming very good and her socialisation skills are becoming more advanced by the day.
It's been a challenging journey thus far; without the help and care and friendliness of all these fabulous organisations we'd not be in the place we are today. Friends and family are also the cornerstone of our success, but we cannot forget those who chose to help us even though we're strangers, even though we struggle, even though we haven't a clue what we're doing most days. THANK YOU!

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