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The past two years have been all about adjusting to motherhood and finding my way through it via craft. The out pouring of this came in the form of my blog Aunty Mum. Now I'm finally finding my feet, the children are growing, I'm getting some independence and my interests are morphing . . . into cooking. Join me in exploring creativity in many forms, food, fabric, frowns and laughter.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Uh Oh!

After a pleasant morning at Plunket today I decided that, once again, the cupboards were bare and it was time to do some baking. So I got the kids doing something constructive while I did some baking. Between racing to get done before lunch and having Rogan screaming due to his little toe being slammed in a drawer by Janae (a whole other story) I didn't put the large cupcakes into muffin trays but the little cupcake trays. As you can see . . . it was a bit of a disaster shape wise.

However, they taste absolutely scrummy and we had lots of fun after school decorating them in all sorts of fashions. The kids have one each with the letter of their name, Grandad and I have some pretty heart ones.

It's days like today that I look forward to being in our own home, having my mum back from the UK and looking after the kids at her house for a few hours so I can really have fun playing. Ah well, it was a great way to kill over an hour after school, the mess was confined to the kitchen bench and we have something lovely for pudding tonight. We win all round. Of course, now the mess in the kitchen is all cleaned up the children have moved to another room and the little girl next door is on her way over . . . chaos ensues once again!

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