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The past two years have been all about adjusting to motherhood and finding my way through it via craft. The out pouring of this came in the form of my blog Aunty Mum. Now I'm finally finding my feet, the children are growing, I'm getting some independence and my interests are morphing . . . into cooking. Join me in exploring creativity in many forms, food, fabric, frowns and laughter.

Friday, July 31, 2009

It Was Bliss

I have no pictures because I spent all my time relaxing instead of worrying about how I'd share my half day and evening off. And it was so worth it!

I started off by dropping by Greedy for Colour's house to pick up a couple of relaxation aids (crochet book and DVD) then off to the hairdressers. Alas, she was busy for a couple of hours so I headed to the boat, but not before a quick act of altruism. Having paid for my parking already I noticed a woman pulling into my discarded parking space as I was leaving. I parked up, raced over and handed her two hours worth of parking. It just feels so good to surprise a complete stranger with a random act of kindness; in fact it felt so good I had to question my motives briefly. Did I do it for her or for myself? Does it even matter why?

So, having rested for a bit with a book and a sandwich, it was back to the hairdressers for two and a half hours. Great conversation, got to read my book for a bit and left a new blond (which my mother tells me is really grey. We just love mothers).

And then on to Harry Potter. Oh I do love Harry Potter and all things Hogwarts. This film, like the books, was so different from anything before. There was less fanciful magic and cool spells. There was much more emotion, more depth, more story. It moved slower but time went quicker (much like Slughorn's hour glass). The only downside to the film was the man who went to sleep a few rows behind me and overshadowed the delight with some very loud snoring. Thankfully I think someone woke him and we all got on with the film. And the best part? Talking to a couple as we all left the theatre and husband remarked how there was no way that film could have possibly been two and a half hours long. My response . . . you must have thoroughly enjoyed it.

A quick stop at Little India to pick up some dinner, back to the boat for a meal and a DVD. Unfortunately I didn't watch the one on loan from Greedy as I knew I'd love it way too much and that I'd never get to bed. I watched The Illusionist instead. What a brilliant film. There's something so compelling and believable about Edward Norton. Every film he makes is better than the last.

Now I'm home again and smile to remember the excitement, followed quickly by tantrums that I was greeted with. It's okay . . . a night on the tiles makes all that seem insignificant.

PS Remind me to tell you about the very intriguing, very sad dream I had last night. An idea for a novel? Mmmmm maybe.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Night on the Tiles

It's arrived . . . my night of solitude. We've worked out the finer details of a very busy day. We have Virginia from Linmark coming this morning, Pre-School this afternoon, parent/teacher interviews this afternoon, Crafty Girls tonight. However, everything after the pre-school drop off this afternoon is someone else's responsibility.

I felt I couldn't let Dad down after he spent the afternoon yesterday cleaning up the boat for me. So I'm off to eradicate all the old lady grey from my hair, I think I'll go see Harry Potter following that and then cosy up on the marina for dinner, a DVD and some complete solitude.

Alas, no long lie in though. Rogan starts back at swimming lessons Friday morning. Never mind, I've completely forgotten the bliss of sleeping late anyway.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Jolly Good Talking To

Is what I gave myself last night.

I realised that, no matter how different things are now, no matter how often I dwell on that . . . or tell myself not to, this is my life. So, it is high time I stopped wallowing, stopped feeling sorry for myself, stopped expecting someone to come along and rescue me. Suck it up woman, I said to myself, and enjoy what life's dealt you.

This morning I bounced out of bed at 5.45am with a new outlook. Miracles don't happen over night, so I'm expecting to walk into the odd wall of pity. That's okay, I'll just remember the new motto . . . Chin Up, Smile, Be Positive!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Two Days Longer Than I Expected

Well, it's taken longer than I expected for me to fall into my mothers warm arms and have a really good cry. I know . . . the shame of having a cry in mother's arms at my age. But it felt so good, until I realised I was starting to make her cry too.

I think the thing that has surprised me most has been the need to adjust back to having the woman of the house back. I hadn't realised what little routines and habits we'd gotten into in just eight weeks. Now Mum's back and I remember it's her house, not mine. Ah well, only a few months to go and all that will change.

So, I've been given leave to curl up in Kayley's bed for a snooze this afternoon. The trouble is, I've fallen in love and want to take him to bed with me. That is, I've developed a lovely wee crush on Rufus Sewell and when I was at the library yesterday I stumbled across a DVD on an old film of his. Mmmmm, warm bed, laptop, good film, sexy man. No! I must remain strong and concentrate on sleep!

Oh, and this photograph of Janae is showing her in one of the many very cute outfits bought for her by friends and family in the UK. Right now, she's outside in the garden with Nanny and she's even wearing her new sneakers that have little stars on them which light up with every step. So cute.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Welcome Home Mum and Duty Free Kids

It seems fitting that my 100th post should be this one.

What a fabulous Sunday. The morning didn't start well. I hid out in my mum's bed last night for a decent night's sleep and was woken through the baby monitor that Rogan had gone into my room and woken Janae . . . very early. Then I found out that the rest of the family were due back from Auckland three hours earlier than expected so we were frantic getting everything done in time. However, once they arrived we were stoked to see Nanny and we've had a pretty good day, as the pictures show.

I had to use the title "Duty Free Kids" as the children had great fun wearing the safety packaging from Nanny's bottle of rum after dinner. Rogan even said we'd had a "pretend party" as we'd had a big roast dinner, wine (even I had two glasses, so excuse the typos) and lots of playing after dinner.

They're all asleep now and Mum's off to her bed as I type this. Tomorrow will be a quieter day with Kayley and Rogan out of the house. I might even get a chance to get into the library tomorrow afternoon at long last.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Can Anyone Guess . . .

Why Janae had a HUGE hat fettish? (All hats wit red rings have been ceated this winter.)

My New Bike

Because Kayley got a trip to Auckland this weekend I decided that the little ones needed a bit of spoiling too. So off we went into town this afternoon. Janae got a wee bike/car to ride while the other two are racing around on their scooters and bikes. She loves it and got the hang of it really quickly. Of course, being a girl, she was most impressed with the car phone. My goodness, teenage years are going to be interesting in my house.

Rogan chose a boat full of blocks which kept him very amused in the bath tonight. They were also treated to a rubber duck each. It didn't take very long for them both to realise that if they squeezed them under water they'd fill up with water which they then both squirted at each other for over half an hour.

I Love Libraries

A recent trip to the library the other day resulted in a great haul . . . and a diversion from the gorgeous throw I'm currently working on. I found a book Too Cute Crochet with the most beautiful hats for children. Many I'd never subject my children to wearing but I had to make a strawberry hat for Janae. Then Rogan asked if he could have a candy cane hat. There was, in fact, a pattern for this, but having used up all my left over reds on Janae's hat I had to make a Peppermint Swirl hat for him instead. It's very french and he's so cute in it. I don't know what people will think if he wears it in public but who cares?

Now I'm off to peruse Martha Stewart's cookie book so I can make a list of ingredients for our trip to the supermarket this afternoon.

Grandad and Kayley left for Auckland this morning so I'm keeping the children amused before afternoon naps, then we'll head off into town late this afternoon. I intend to get Janae a bike type toy as the one Rogan had only has one set of wheels and she's really ready to ride something. Rogan will also get a treat (as he was devastated at being left behind) and once we've got all the groceries I'll treat them to something nice for dinner. Should be a great day all in all.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I couldn't resist taking this. There's something so industrial about trusses . . . especially steel trusses.
This one's taken from my bedroom door looking all the way down the hall with what will be the toilet at the other end. (Thank goodness for ensuites or I'd wet myself by the time I got out of bed and all the way down there.)
And the overall view from the road.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sweet Conversation

It's been a pretty good day, all things considered. Having realised at the end of last term that Rogan really isn't interested in Mainly Music, except for morning tea, I fobbed him off on grandad this morning and just took Janae. We had a lovely time singing and dancing. She sat contentedly on the mat having her biscuit and drink while I sat in a corner with my cup of tea and piece of cake chatting to other mums (something I don't have the chance to do with two children in tow).

Returning home the boys were still out and about so I had time to chat with Brenda while she finished mopping the mud room floor.

After lunch Chris came out and we sat chatting about all sorts of things while Janae slept and Rogan played. She read stories to the children when I went to pick up Kayley where, once again, I had time to chat to some mums again.

It's strange how we don't realise how important something as simple as conversation without children is until we experience it. I haven't exactly rested, I've not achieved a great deal but I've got a renewed sense of self after today. All I need to do now is hang onto it for another four days!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Friends and Fathers

My social life has had a wee lift in the past couple of days with a lovely get together with Greedy for Colour last night (a few child free hours) and a play date with another friend this morning. It feels great to have other women around and share stories, have a laugh etc. However, having a father around too kind of takes the whole "girlie" element away.

On both occasions my father felt it necessary to regale each woman with stories many years old, amusing to him and, while very interesting, I still felt a little put out as he was encroaching on my time. Unfortunately he just doesn't seem to understand why I hide away in the mud room every night. A man's ears obviously don't hear the billion times your name is called, they don't hear children squabbling, asking for a drink, something to eat, help going to the toilet, the need to tell you every detail of their day as it occurs. That said, it stands to reason that a man also doesn't hear the sweet bliss of three children breathing deeply in sleep, of the whir of a dishwasher full and washing dishes with no effort from yourself, of a bench magically sparkling and empty of dishes, toys, crumbs, smears and dribbles.

Therefore, it stands to reason that women must be happier than men because we can appreciate the very small and satisfying parts of life because we've been through the daily sand paper rub of children. Bless their little cotton socks . . . we may be frustrated, tired, grumpy, pre-menstrual, strung out . . . but we can still appreciate the solitude and silence they also bring once they're slumbering.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Old Remedies

I think it's safe to say that, by now, we've established that I'm just a wee bit anal retentive. So it's with a smile that I post this story.

Many years ago, after sharing with my mum's friend Pat that I just couldn't seem to get my whites to stay white, nor return once whites to their shining brightness the way my mother did, Pat arrived on my doorstep with a little bar of Sard Soap. She promised me it would be my best friend for life and that it would erase stains, restore whiteness and bring me life long happiness (well, she didn't really promise the last bit). Pat was not wrong. This shirt, hanging merrily in the breeze this morning was, at this time yesterday, covered in weet bix, chocolate biscuit, teething dribble and uncountable other toddler stains.

So with the enthusiasm that can only come from having one child in the house, who is happily trying on every woollen hat in the house, I whipped out the sard soap this morning and performed miracles. It's a little sad that this makes me so happy, but who cares? Happy is happy!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


A day that started with such promise has been an eternally difficult one. However, it's almost at and end. So let's see . . . where has today taken me?

I've been vomited on;

I've been peed on;

I've been pooped on;

I've been slept on;

I've been cried on.

I have managed to get most of the washing done (not folded and put away yet). I've emptied the dishwasher. I've been for a brief walk in the wonderful stiff breeze. I've even managed to clean an oven.

All this aside, there is one part of today that makes me laugh. Kayley was sitting at the bench telling me how sore her tummy was when her cheeks filled, her eyes bulged and her stomach heaved. I, naturally, panicked. I shoved a tea towel in her face thinking "help, what am I supposed to do?" She wiped her mouth and as another surge came on she shouted "get me an ice cream container." Ah, of course . . . sensible girl.

Thankfully she's had a miraculous recovery after sleeping all morning and will be fine for school I think. It's poor little Janae that's suffering and not from a tummy bug (at least I don't think so). Those big back teeth are plaguing her and she's having temperatures, bottom explosions and just won't sleep in the afternoons. I was so tired of the screaming this afternoon that I bundled her up, took her to my bed, lay her on my tummy and rubbed her back until she stopped. I think she dozed on and off for an hour, but the quiet was bliss.

I am just reminding myself that this time next week my mum will be home. While she'll be shattered and not expected to lift a finger, just to see her face and know she loves me will be enough . . . for a couple of days anyway.

What is it about waking to a completely quiet house, a beautiful sunrise and the promise of a whole day of productivity that warms the soul?

I have the first load of washing ready to go on the line, I have all the dry stuff from the racks folded ready to go into drawers, I have plans to vacuum and tidy out my pigsty car. The only downside is that, it's only 8.30 and I'm refereeing already. Poor Kayley is feeling harassed by Rogan and there's not a great deal I can do about it . . . short of shutting him outdoors and locking all the doors. That's a little extreme for this time of day . . . but watch this space.

And now, without any further fuss, I'm off to the great outdoors to hang out copious amounts of clean clothes!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hello England!

I just spoke to my mum all the way over in Canterbury, England and gave her this address so she could check out some photographs of the house. So, I thought I'd write a quick blog to say hi to everyone, and let them know I'd love to be there with them when they have their huge get-together this afternoon. But, I'm here, in beautiful New Zealand, with three gorgeous kids (who drive me nuts but that I love very much) and it's only nine sleeps until Nanny comes home.

So, I've dedicated this post to the kids, just for their grandmother. They were all taken at the park a couple of days ago. All except Kayley's self portrait where she was playing around with my camera. She looks all nose and she's way cuter than this picture shows, but it's fun all the same.

Definately Tomorrow

I got all excited about a craft/ play date with a friend and her children today; so excited that I dug out the old tea cosy my Aunty Min knitted on a visit here 25 years ago. (Actually, it's one of about five she did while here for a three month visit.) I'd unearth the tea cosy in preparation for lots of chats and the hope that, having the tea kept warm, we wouldn't need to keep interrupting ourselves to make another pot. Unfortunately wee Rogan woke from his nap with a very funny tummy, a ghost like face and a few visits to the loo. So, being the responsible person I try to be, I telephoned my friend and informed her of the developments. Alas, we had to call the afternoon off.

I am pleased to report that, despite my worst fears, he's virtually back to his usual self. I'll keep him off dairy for the rest of the day (saying no to ice cream will be difficult), get him to bed early and send him off for his visit with his mum tomorrow and we'll definitely have that date tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully the weather will be better as Grandad wants to take the kids for a burn round on the Mule while we women enjoy walking around my framed home and discussing all things womanly. I can't wait!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Concentration Required

Last night I started on a new project . . . one that I've coveted since I found a book in a second hand shop. It's supposed to be a bedspread but I think I'll use it as a throw over my ancient old sofa that will go in the family room. Anyway, having discovered that I crochet very small stitches (even smaller than those required) I've realised I need to use a significantly larger hook than that specified. So I got started on the first square of 26. This afternoon I tried doing some more. Alas, the pattern is so involved that constant interruptions are just not conducive to happy hooking.

You will notice I've photocopied the stitch diagram and am highlighting those rounds I've completed to be sure I'm working on the correct round. Unfortunately, I missed a single puff stitch and didn't spot it for two rounds so I've had to unravel it, add the missing stitch and now I'm playing catch up.

So, my lesson today is, find something simple to do in my afternoons and keep the throw project for those hours after childrens' bedtime.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Excitement

At last there's some real progress on the house. The framing is up and only the trusses to go tomorrow, the the main structural stuff is done. I just can't believe it's finally coming together.

I had a wander around the inside, starting at the front door. I'm beginning to get really excited now. The bedrooms seem to be of a very decent size, and the best part was to walk from the hall into the living area. It's going to be such a sunny and roomy space. I could almost see the children playing on the floor, ranch sliders open, garden outdoors looking green and lush. I could almost see the pictures on the wall, smell the dinner cooking on the stove. Yep, all very idealistic, however, idealism is in very short supply right now so every little bit helps!

The Mirror of My Soul

It's complete . . . the first project done in 40 gauge crochet cotton. And it was sometimes a complete challenge and sometimes a complete joy: thus, I've named it "The Mirror of my soul".

It's been my school holiday project (the thing to keep me sane while I have three children at home. Interestingly it's been a similar process to how my parenting has gone. There have been evenings when I've loved every stitch, enjoyed seeing it emerge beneath my fingers. Others it's been an unpick after unpick. In fact, there's even one round with a huge error in that, at the time, I just couldn't be bothered going back to fix. See if you can spot it.

So now it's on to the next project, which is top secret as it's to be a gift for someone. Again it's in 40 gauge so we'll just see how that works out.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm So Excited . . .

And I'm not even going.

Kayley is going on a big girl trip with Grandad to pick up Nanny next weekend. She knows nothing about it and won't until Saturday morning. I asked Dad if he'd consider taking her with him when he went up and he told me he'd already decided to. They're going to leave on Saturday morning, visit Kelly Tarltons, have lunch on the way up, stay in a fancy motel, have a lovely dinner out and then pick up Kayley's favourite person in the whole world. I don't know how I'm going to keep it a secret because I'm so excited for her. She's going to just love that!

Weekend Carnage

After a long and wet weekend, it's Monday morning once again and time to clean up the carnage of children's very short attention spans. The first photograph shows the chaos Rogan went to bed in last night. The second shows only a little of the effort that went into getting it ship shape again. We've cleaned out drawers full of bits of paper with scribbles all over, old colouring books that have no pictures left to colour, pieces of puzzles that needed to go back into their rightful places. We've sorted out wardrobes of more bits of paper and puzzle pieces, dress up clothes and the such like. Wow, tidiness always makes me feel better.

We also had a little fun along the way when we found a cat mask.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sweet Sleep

Despite having my wires crossed about what time my solitude started this morning I managed to get everyone out the door by 9.30. A quick run down to the shop to stock up on bread and milk then home for ten minutes crochet and off to bed. Wow, I know sleep is good for the body but it's also good for the mind and soul.

I never really want to sleep on my alone time as it seems such a waste but it's been worth it. I've even got the enthusiasm to make one of those scrummy mince dishes our mothers always make that's got rich gravy, lots of veges and just makes us feel good on a cold winter night.

Added to this the children had a great time with their nana and the added bonus of catching up with their big brothers. So, we're almost off for a hot soak . . . on the condition that the children do their thing and let me just sit and cook slowly in the hot water. Mmmmm, and as dinner is done I hope to be able to sit and watch a fishing show at five thirty. Not holding my breath though.

Oh the photograph of the roses is just to illustrate how much better I'm feeling from my morning alone.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Down the Rabbit Hole

I heard this saying (outside of the book) for the first time the other day and have been dying to find a way to apply to my own life. Now I have the perfect excuse. Pictured left is my new obsession. I found a book in a second hand bookshop the other day and it's full of beautiful crochet lace projects. I had two difficulties with it: 1. Almost all the patterns use 10 gauge cotton (the smallest gauge available); 2. The patterns are in stitch guides only. As you can see, it appears that neither have proven to be that much of a obstacle. Also, I have always shied away from doing a filet pattern. All that mesh just looked a little too fiddly for my taste (I know, go figure, how could anything be too fiddly for someone who keeps trying to make their stitches smaller and smaller?) but it's actually lots of fun to do. It's very like cross stitch really, working the image into a grid. I'm having so much fun with this

Maybe you're wondering at the difference between this post and the previous post from today. I've just spent an hour on the phone with my mum. While it's not even close to a big hug and a proper face-to-face chat, I still feel way better. And, I've asked Dad to take the kids to their visit tomorrow so that I can stay in my pajamas tomorrow morning and head straight back to bed once I've seen them all off. Oh, and Mum's made me promise to enlist the help of some friends next week so I get some time out. I realised this evening that I've had a total of 6 hours without at least one of the children in the past six weeks. That's one hour a week. Maybe it's okay to be feeling a little overwhelmed. And I need to remind myself that I'm not failing in my job/role if I ask for help

So the whole point of my earlier post was that I needed to be true. I started this blog process as a way of recording all of what I go through in this journey with the three children. It was cathartic just writing it; however, posting it meant being true to me.

The Hopes of a Morning

(Please Enlarge Me)

It's with a disappointed heart that I post these photographs now. I knew I should have done it earlier.

This morning, while waiting for the car to warm up I just couldn't resist capturing some of the frosted delights of a garden in winter. It was so still, so beautiful, so unspoilt by the day.

This afternoon, I'm exhausted. Janae is teething a whole bunch of her back teeth (too tired to remember the correct name of the teeth), Kayley's had a full morning at her holiday programme, Rogan's just woken up from a much needed nap and I haven't had a minute to think let alone rest. Needless to say I lost the plot a little bit. I'd locked myself in my room for five minutes to try and get my head together. I think only a couple of minutes had passed when I hear the crashing of a plate being broken, then Kayley shouting at Rogan cos he'd wet his pants and then she was tugging at my door telling me I was behaving like a spoilt child. She was probably right.

Thankfully Grandad turned up from his quiet afternoon out just in time. He's taken the children off to the orchard for a bit. Want to know the silliest thing? All I feel is guilt. Guilt that I can't quite cope today. Silly. But true.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rocket Ships, Runny Noses and Really Beautiful Days

I just love those mornings when it's so still you can almost feel the ice crystals forming. Today is one of those. Alas, when it's a day like that I find that 3 degrees is a little cool to be sending the children out to play. So I conceded defeat and let them build a rocket ship in the lounge (shhh don't tell Nanny). Thankfully it kept them amused long enough for me to clean up the kitchen, get a few loads of washing on and crank up Anne Murray. I hate to admit this, but when I'm feeling like the world is closing in on me Anne Murray always makes me feel better.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Covet Thy Neighbour

Every time I crochet with my friend I secretly covet her hook holder. She made it herself and the fabric is gorgeous. But, most importantly I covet the neatness of it all. The ability to open a pretty wee thing and choose the appropriate tool, begin work . . . no hassle . . . no stress. This thought completely epitomises who I am. However, my hooks are kept in a little snaplock bag at the bottom of my basket in a complete muddle. Today it all got the better of me (as a lot of things have done today). I threw down my current table cloth project and went in search of some fabric.
Within an hour I had a little holder, complete with padding (to give it some edge) and some very badly stitched seams as I never purported to be a sewer. I looked at it waiting for the love affair to begin. Alas, it needed more. As I have no bias binding, nor any knowledge of how to attach bias binding to anything else, I decided to go back to the one thing I know . . . crochet. The pictures above show the finished result of a very basic fringe. Please, I beg, don't enlarge the pictures or you'll never speak to me, email me, call me or even think of me again. I remind you, I'm not a sewer. But, I do love the fact that I have a little case for the sole purpose of holding my hooks. Life feels just a little fuller right now.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's Moments Like These . . .

That make raising children so enjoyable.

Today I was folding washing and pottering about. Rogan and Kayley were off being given a right ole time with Grandad on the orchard so it was just Janae and I at home. Earlier Sophie had taken them all swimming so Janae's little water boat was still out. Usually, if this particular toy is out in the open, she doesn't get a look in as Rogan plays with it all the time. Well, never one to miss an opportunity, she jumped inside and played, and played, and played. I just couldn't resist whipping out the camera when she started making gooey eyes at me through the little windows.

It really is these precious moments when your heart melts, when you remember just how unique and beautiful they are, when you just want to be small enough to crawl into their imaginary place and play with them, it's these moments when the tears, tantrums and tiredness (and I'm thinking exclusively of my own behaviour) disappears into insignificance. Thank you my gorgeous girl for making my day!

The Escapees

Getting around to having a shower is never an easy feat; however, today I saw Rogan and Janae happily playing while watching a DVD so thought "Ah ha, I'll race in now". I explained where I was going, urged them to come get me if they needed anything and headed off for a quick, hot scrub down.
I got out to complete silence (save for the sounds of The Wheels on the Bus). The panic started to rise. I wandered through the house expecting to find them into no good in a room they weren't supposed to be in and discovered an empty nest, a back door wide open and a three wheeled scooter mysteriously missing from the drive. Panic rose even more. I grabbed my shoes and marched down the drive, all the while images of my babies floating in the tide like a pair of expired gold fish racing through my head. Thankfully a neighbour stuck his head out his door and asked if I wanted my 'tribe' back. They'd gone visiting and were helping Murray bake a cake and prepare dinner for his wife. Whew. When I got to the door there they were, each with a cake batter covered spoon in hand and a big grin.
I always wondered about those parents who hugged their children all the while fuming with them for putting them through moments of complete hell. Now I understand it. Thankfully they were safe, but I wanted to really tell them off. Rogan and I have had a talk about how he cannot go visiting without checking with me first so we'll see if that went in. Needless to say, I'll be shutting and locking the gates before having a day time shower again.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

What a Great Day!

Sundays, as a rule, are the toughest day of the week, especially wet ones. With three kids who've been cooped up indoors without the stimulus of school and pre-school, having to clean up from making huts that were five minute wonders, begging to do some baking or something equally mess making. Today, however, we've had a lovely time. This is, in no small part, due to lovely gifts from the childrens' mother.
They had a visit with their mum yesterday and came home with lots of gifts she'd got them on her recent trip to the UK. Kayley got a much sought after two wheeled scooter (which means Rogan has officially inherited the three wheeled one) and the other prime gift was a jungle slide with three animals that zoom down at break neck speed all while fun jungle sounds chime out. This was supposed to be Janae's gift I think, but Rogan's completely in love with it.
Added to these holiday pressies was a trip to the farm today. We went visiting this morning. It was wet, but that never stops four children racing around outdoors, jumping on trampolines and making loads of noise. There was, as there always is with children, the odd skirmish, but I know that I and my fellow mother had a lovely time talking craft, drinking tea and coveting each other's creations.
And to top off a brilliant day, my neighbour Sharon arrived over at afternoon tea time with fresh double chocolate muffins (so fresh they were still steaming) for a cup of tea and a catch up. It never ceases to amaze me that less than 20 metres of soil can separate two families and yet their paths almost never cross.
Now, the children are all in bed. The girls are asleep and Rogan is cooing and cuddling Chester (his giraffe shaped hot water bottle) heading for sleepy bliss. I'm settling down to some more crochet and the final of The Amazing Race. Oh I love evenings!

Friday, July 3, 2009

I've surprised even myself

Here it is, the finished product. And I'm quite pleased with it. The pattern will be posted later tonight . . . when I don't have two little helpers on board trying to be of assistance.

It's soooooo easy that I've been amazed at how quickly it's come together. I'm not sure if I'll be attempting another design but I'd like to think, once the Doily Art project is complete I'll give it a go.
For now, I've called this Archie's Snowflake Sensation and, as much as I'd like to keep it for my collection, I think I'll be giving it to my little muse as a BIG thank you for his inspiration.

Life's ups and downs

Yesterday was something of a red letter day in our family with the most significant event being Rogan's little letter from pre-school thanking him for being so nice to all his friends. Wow, that's a break through because Rogan's the sort of boy who usually will shove his way to what he wants rather than negotiate his way. So we had a little party at home complete with a candle each in a cream bun, a balloon each and lots of cheer.
Today . . . just check out my little man's face this morning. Not a happy chap. He's had tantrums because he couldn't get his rain coat off the rack, because he couldn't get his hood to stay on, because he couldn't find both pockets, because he forgot to push the chair out before climbing up and got stuck. Ahhhh, the list is endless. Needless to say we've just had a big discussion about how, if we can't play nicely with others, we have to play alone in our rooms. That seems to have done the trick for the next couple of minutes.
Janae, on the other hand, had a rough start to the day, but our little cowgirl is currently trying to put my trainers on her feet, along with wearing her cowgirl hat and will be kept amused for at least ten minutes. I hope so as I'm at a critical point in my design. Can't lose the momentum now!