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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Going Herbal

Perhaps it's the onset of spring like weather, perhaps it's the weariness from feeling grumpy and tired, perhaps it's just the need to make a change. Whatever the reason I've turned a new leaf this week.

Browsing through the library is always an adventure to me as I never know exactly what I want. I'd already graduated from cheesy chick lit books to many novels of Roman and British history. Now I'm addicted to the non-fiction section. I take out books on cooking, gardening, sewing and crochet. I take out books about making curtains, covers and pillows. Yesterday I found myself in the health section (take note that our little local library only has about 20 books in the health section). So I grabbed a couple that appeared to jump off the shelves at me.

Quite some years ago when I worked for a typesetting company I worked on a book about GI Diets. It was interesting and I was even given a copy from the publisher. I've never fully read it to this day. Yesterday I grabbed another book about GI eating. With a diabetic mother it's something we, as a family, should really be doing more of. I also got a book called Fat Around The Middle. I'm already five chapters in and it's like the author is describing my body, my moods, my cycles . . . all exactly as my body behaves. I was reading all this out to my mother yesterday and she kept saying "and what can you do about it?" Well, I haven't quite got that far yet, but hope to this afternoon.

So the title of today's blog Going Herbal relates to this new leaf and to the amazing properties of herbal teas. I got a couple yesterday and had my first Chamomile and Peppermint tea last night. By 9pm I was feeling so cosily drowsy I just had to go to bed and revel in the feeling. It wasn't that exhausted 'I've been a mother all day' feeling, just a snuggly, need my book and warm bed sort. It was lovely, until I woke at 4am ready to face the world and realised I still had well over two hours to go. Strangely enough, the above book talks a lot about this occurrence. So I'll keep you posted and we'll see if I'm a fitter, happier, healthier me in a few months time.

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