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Friday, September 4, 2009

My Little Swimmer

Kayley's been going to swimming lessons since she was two. She's always been a water baby and it's been great to see her get better and better. We all felt lots of pride this year when she was put in a class with children all quite a bit older than her and see her keep up with them.

Today I felt a pride beyond anything I could have imagined. The best part about her class is that there are three girls and three boys and the competition is rife. At the end of every session they have a relay race between girls and boys. Alas, today, Kayley was the only girl in the class . . . meaning she had to swim three lengths on her own. Boy oh boy did she pull it out of the hat today.

Today's race stroke was back stroke and she tucked her chin under, had super straight arms, strong legs and went for it. She led all the way to the last half length. Two of the boys are almost eight, much taller and have many more muscles than my little girl and, between them, they managed to catch and overtake her . . . but not by much.

The most incredible thing to me, more so than the fabulous (nay beautiful) swimming, was a HUGE well of pride I felt. I could have jumped in the pool, wrapped her up in my arms and kissed her for hours. I love that depth of emotion about the children: it makes them feel mine.

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