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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Roof Shout . . . At Last

We finally got around to having a roof shout at the house. Well, in all honesty, we put it off as long as possible so that we could include as many of the contractors as possible.

We also had some neighbours and other friends. Here's Dad busy cooking up venison on the BBQ. It was great to be able to show people around our new home, the pride I have in it and the laughs I had remembering my attitude when we first discussed building a home for the children and myself.

Dad had said he'd found a design he thought would work well for us. My response was "I don't care what it's like. All I need is four bedrooms and a dishwasher. Well, we have sooooo much more than that and we're all incredibly grateful for everything inside and out.

This coming week the decorators arrive and start painting, which should take about two weeks and then it's really onto the final leg of carpets, tiles and drapes. Once that's done we are able to start moving. I'll have all the furniture shifted and then take about a week to unpack everything, put pictures on walls, make sure the furniture is in just the right place. I'll do this in the evenings while the children are in bed and before they know it, there'll be a lovely home for them to move into. I think we'll have our first night on a Sunday so we start a new week and a new life all at the same time.

Right now we three adults are trying very hard not to lose our tempers with one another. There's an air somewhat like having resigned from a job. You're still there physically but mentally you've moved on. That's when you start slacking. We've still got to live with each other for another month so we've still got some work to do.

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