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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sunny Days and Birthdays

Well, it's that fated time of the year once again. I had wonderful plans of 12 hours alone with a satay and dvd. Unfortunately that's not about to happen any time soon so I've bitten the bullet and I'll have a bit of a kid's party for the children tomorrow night instead. Fish and chips and a few treats are on the menu, as well as being allowed to stay up a little later than usual. It means I'll have to cope with three tired children all weekend but that's just life.

Apart from the major birthday disappointment it's been a fun week. Janae discovered Rogan's Banana's in Pajamas rain coat, managed to get it on and went out (in the blazing sun) to ride her bike. She was so cute but it got a little annoying as she kept taking it off and then asking me to put it on her again.

We've had more sprinkler madness with the squirty octopus.  Janae and Rogan had heaps of fun racing around and getting soaked and then laying in the sun before another dash. The best part about these photographs is how green our lawn is at last. I'm sure we'll have to mow it soon. This makes me happy as I love a crisp cut lawn more than almost anything.

And, as I've been writing this Kayley and Rogan have been hiding out in the bathroom with some makeup I've given to Kayley through the unpacking process. Take a look at this handsome devil. He reminds me of Violet Plum from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. And here I was about to relent on bath time tonight. Gotta have a bath now . . . head first I think.

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