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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bathing Beauties

We thought that having one water baby was doing pretty well. Since Kayley was about two she's spent more time under the water than on top . . . and that's by choice as opposed to near drowning experiences.

Now at almost seven she's a pretty good swimmer who is very good at freestyle and back stroke and is getting there with her breast stroke and butterfly. She can swim 25m without any hassle at all.

And then water baby number two came along.

Rogan took to water like . . . well a duck really. He's not far off four and he's a real little swimmer. He's learning freestyle (they call it "arm circles" at his stage of swimming) and he can swim about 15m without assistance. It won't be long before he's almost totally independent in the pool. Just a couple more inches in height and he'll be away.

So we were feeling pretty proud of our two water babies when . . . you guessed it . . . number three came along.

Janae is probably the most advanced for her age. Kayley and Rogan weren't nearly at the stage she is when they were her age and she hasn't started swimming lessons yet.

She has no fear of water, loves to be underneath it and, as you can see, she has almost got the "rocket arms" sorted and has figured out how to hold her breath and even blow bubbles.

The most difficult thing for Janae when she starts lessons in Feburary will be waiting her turn. I have to have eagle eyes with her because she just decides to take off and her range of swimming is about three feet as opposed to the meterage the siblings get. Ah well, won't be long and I'll be able to relax in the pool and watch the three of them have races and loads of fun. Bring it on!

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