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Monday, December 7, 2009

A Day in the Sun

It was Kayley's junior athletics day today and what a brilliant day for it. The sun was shining, the kids were looking forward to a huge variety of activities and I was looking forward to a relaxing day in the sun.

I got my day in the sun but not quite relaxing. It was, however, fun and I thoroughly enjoyed watching my girl try her hardest in each event. Gone were the memories of that dismal cross country run. Here she is in the potato and spoon race.

And here's the kiddy variation of the shotput . . . the softball put.

She performed best in the long jump and high jump and my favourite event was the obstacle course with it's hoops and moon hoppers.

I think Kayley's favourite event was the sprints. Here's why . . .

Kayley's very sporty but she's not a runner. Thus, she wasn't part of the sprints teams. She wasn't bothered in the least; sucking on a lollypop was much more fun than running!

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  1. I am so shocked by how much I enjoyed the day - the obstacle course was my fave. too. Can't wait to see it included at the Olympics.