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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another Project Down

One of the reasons I like to make children's clothes is that they're so quick. And this particular pattern was a breeze too. It's all done in half dc, singles and reverse singles so it was a piece of cake.

It was supposed to be for my market stock but it just looks so good on Janae that I couldn't resist giving it to her for this winter. Then I know just the lovely lady with a fairly new baby girl who will love it too once it's outlived its usefulness in our house.

It's been a hive of activity around here lately. I've managed to get those lawns done at long last, I've swept up the dirt Kayley managed to get all over the drive while cleaning it (hmmm not even sure how she managed that), we've had a trip to the park this morning, a trip to Nanny's for a swim this afternoon, a lovely roast chicken dinner and I'm almost half way through my next project.

Never one to stick to wool for long I picked up a huge piece of mesh my mother gave me to use as throws for food. I'd always planned to do a crochet border around it but hadn't found the enthusiasm for it. Now I know why. I've cut it down so it's not a large piece any longer (pictures tomorrow with luck) but it's taking ages. It took me about five hours just to do the foundation that sets the crochet onto the fabric. But I'm determined to see it through to the end. The pattern comes from a bona fide vintage pattern a friend picked up at the Bethlehem markets for me. She has a throw with a ballerina crocheted into the corners (her grandmother made it for her) and she's now scouring all the markets she goes to to find the pattern for me. But she couldn't resist picking up a few pattern books anyway. I think she said they were about a dollar each so they were worth the trip in my opinion.

I've also got my first commission. I had a friend over for coffee yesterday and while our children were racing around like crazed animals she spotted my almost complete cardigan. Not being a crocheter (is that a word?) but having got this particular book out of the library numerous times, she's asked me to make her a little cape. I'm only too happy to do it, and I've already made one, knocked it up in a couple of nights so am more than keen to whip out another one. Let's hope everyone who sees her wearing it loves it and wants me to make something for them too.

Night night xx

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