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Friday, January 15, 2010

Blissful Children

While I can't post photographs, it doesn't mean I can't paint pictures with words. Today I have words of happiness.

Nanny and Grandad arrived this afternoon with a trailer full of children's garden toys. (Their garden must look pretty empty now.) So I have three children squashed into a little sandpit, a swing and slide set not too far off and their covered paddeling pool that their Nana gave them. There's no excuse not to have something to do now and there's no excuse to play on the dirt that's awaiting grass seed.

So happy are the children right now they've decided to delay dinner until about 6.30 so they can keep playing then shower, stories and bed following dinner as they know I'll not let them in the sandpit in their pajamas. This, it has to be said, is a major breakthrough as they've been the most difficult children to keep fed this summer. Every fifteen minutes I've heard that they're starving to the point of near death and if I don't feed them immediately they'll surely fade away to nothing. It's cost an absolute fortune in groceries and is one of the primary reasons I'll be glad when school goes back.

Well, I mustn't let the opportunity go to waste. I've got my crochet, a cold drink and magazines all out on the table on the patio under my newly mended umbrella and enjoy a gentle little shower of water as the sprinkler goes past. Lovely!

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