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Monday, January 25, 2010

I Think I'm Going to Like Preschool

This morning the universe was working in my favour. I left Kayley chopping down some yummy sheep with Grandad while I took the little ones to preschool. Upon returning I found that Grandad had taken Kayley home with him. Wow! Childless for a few hours. Needless to say, I cracked the whip and made a banana cake, a russian shortcake and a sultana and apricot loaf; I vacuumed and I finished mowing the lawns (again). Then I sat down to start a wee cushion to make my outdoor, afternoon crochet experience a little more comfortable.

Janae is now home and very happy. She's lunched and now she's tucked up in bed with her favourite Thomas the Tank Engine book and singing about babies going to sleep. You know, I think it's easier to appreciate our children when they've been away from us for a little while. I couldn't stop walking past and giving her a kiss or a touch on the head while she ate her lunch. Bless her little heart. Don't worry, I'm under no illusions that, by bed time tonight I'll be more than happy to close the doors on the three of them and hide away in the cool enjoying their sleeping absence.

So, I managed to throw together a pansy for the hat last night. Here's Rogan in all his glory this morning. I'm much happier with the finished result now.

Speaking of Rogan . . . when I arrived at preschool to collect Janae I walked in on news time. Rogan was standing before his peers with a crown in his hand . . . Kayley's crown no less. He was telling his mates how we bought the crown (Nana gave it to us on Saturday), how it belonged to him (it is, in fact Kayleys) and how, when he wore it he was a princess (but he spent the weekend at the top of the slide with it on his head shouting "I'm the king of the castle"). He's a funny wee boy sometimes. He must have smuggled the crown into his bag this morning without anyone seeing.

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