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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Janae's First Day

This is the image and the point at where I almost shed a tear today. My little baby growing up and off to preschool. Bless her little heart, she strutted in there like she owned the place and I was struggling to keep a grip on my emotions.

I find it strange that I have longed for this day, and waited patiently until she was old enough to join her big brother for a few hours a week. When the time came, however, it would have been so easy to pick her up and take her home with me.

I was strong though; I got her settled and the snuck out the door for a girly lunch with my big girl (Kayley) and my mum.

So here are some "settling in" pics to show how she was never going to miss me as much as I'll miss her.

All ready for their big day. Bags packed and itching to get in the car.

There's nothing quite like dinosaurs to keep you amused for ages. Banging them on the table helps too.

Not the best of days but they got outdoors for some of it. I just hope Rogan gets to do his own thing and doesn't have a little shadow constantly on his heels.

So the stories of her first day were interesting. Apparently she loved playing with the tap in the toilets and thoroughly enjoyed spraying the other children: the other children were not impressed. So teacher dipolmatically tried to get Janae to turn the tap off. She gave her the 'look' , turned the tap on harder and splashed some more kids. That's my stroppy girl. Thankfully teacher has much more patience than me and directed my little diva outdoors for afternoon tea.

As for tonight, it took all the patience I have not to lose my temper with my extremely tired girl. We've had tantrums and tears, but there have been giggles and cuddles too. She's all tucked up in bed and Rogan and Kayley are thoroughly enjoying having the sofa to themselves for a bit.

However, they're all tuckered out tonight so another ten minutes, two more stories, a sit on the loo and a bit of toothpaste and my home will be a haven of peace.

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  1. She has done so well - I am amazed. Time to put your feet up now!