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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Solitude . . . Yeah Right!

Today the children spent the day with their maternal grandmother and their two older brothers. I was so pleased when I phoned Nana last night and she was excited to have all five of her grandchildren together for the second Saturday in a row.

I went to bed with visions of all the things I'd do with my solitude. Unfortunately, life's just not like that.

My mother arrived on my doorstep at 8.30 this morning with a long list of jobs to do. Sigh. So, we dressed for the outdoors, bundled the kids along too (their visit wasn't due to start until the very sociable hour of 10am) and got to it.

We pointed almost all the cobbles, we washed and hung out clothes, we weeded, we mowed lawns. I had a quick break at ten to drop the children in to town then back to the grind. While mum mowed I got busy indoors. I have spotless bathrooms, toilets and bedrooms. My kitchen bench and sink gleam, my floors are so clean they're almost slippery, there's not a spot of dirt on the carpet. And all the while this is going on I'm glaring and the clock watching my hours of solitude go swiftly by.

I felt awful about feeling so crabby. My mum was helping me in enormous ways, as she always does and all I could think of was a loving and kind and daughterly way to say "Mum, sod off and leave me alone." Alas, I just couldn't come up with a way to say it nicely so we got lots done. I was rescued finally, about 1pm (I had to collect the children at three) when the mower ran out of petrol and mum decided to take herself home for a much needed shower and a read of her book.

I quickly threw myself down in my favourite chair, grabbed my crochet and enjoyed completely awful weekend reality TV while trying to complete my latest project. I've just completed it and here it is! It does require a couple of finishing touches like that of an iron and a needle to put away the little tails, but I think this will be one item I will use a lot in my kitchen. And, the most interesting part to me is that this is only the second crochet project I've made (and completed) all for myself. Throughout the last week of making it I've been running through my head who the best person to give it to would be. But I'm not giving it away if I can help it. I picture making the children's lunches while they're still playing in the garden and throwing this over to keep the pesky summer flies off until they're ready to come eat, covering the salad that goes with almost every dinner we have at the moment while I finish off preparing the rest of the meal. Thank you Sharon for the great pattern books (now I've started I won't be able to stop) and thanks mum for the meshed fabric that inspired me in the first place.

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