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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Whew . . . A Super Sonic Sunday

Having ended yesterday on a high by getting my mound weeded (no that's not code for brazillian, it means I got all the weeds out of my hillock garden) which was some feat, I started today on the same note. I was meandering outdoors about 8am this morning in the cool summer air and looked over at what is supposed to be my vegetable garden. It looked like it was predominately weeds with one enormous pumpkin plant that's going to be Kayley's prize winning pumpkin for school.

With a resigned sigh I picked up a shovel and a hoe and set to work. Two hours later I had a giant mound of weeds, a big space of dirt for our winter veges, ten tomato plants loaded with little green tomatoes promising to be chutney and sauce in the next few months, another pumpkin plant that has two good sized eaters and more to come, some lovely herbs and so much more. It was back breaking and trying at times as I ended up with three little helpers looking for cenitpedes (yuck), worms and rogue potatoes we'd missed on the first dig over.

So with that achievement under my belt I decided I'd procrastinated on Lucy's hat long enough. A friend has a three year old daughter and she wanted a woollen hat with a flower on the side for Lucy. Apparently she'd been trawling through TradeMe and seen some she likes but decided she'd "support local" and buy one off me. A great thought, but I hadn't made a child's hat of that description. Now I have and here's Janae modelling it. (It fits Rogan better but I thought I'd better not post a photograph of a three year old boy in a girl's hat complete with flower as much as he'd have loved me to.) I'm not completely happy with the flower and I've found a lovely pansy pattern in my new crochet flower book by Nicky Epstein so I'll whip that up tonight and see if it looks better.

So, needless to say, I'm shattered. I had anticipated getting everyone to bed early tonight but it was gone seven and I was more than a little grumpy by the time I re-entered the living room to the days mess. It's still there and will remain so until tomorrow morning now.  But I have to end on a nice note rather than a grumpy one by including this photograph. This week's icecream of choice is Goody Goody Gumdrops and, if that's not decadant enough, the children also insist on Hershey's chocolate sauce. Here is the face of a two year old who absolutely loved her pudding tonight.

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  1. That hat is completely and utterly divine. Love it, love it, love it!!!