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Friday, February 19, 2010

Another Little Hat . . . Thanks Teresa

After a rather sleepless night thanks to humidity last night I headed off to my mothers with the children far too early for swimming lessons. While she ironed and entertained the children I browsed my favourite crochet sites for new hat patterns. And this is what I came up with.

I follow Teresa's blog every day and am always amazed at her gorgeous designs, great video tutorials and, in fact, it was Teresa that really taught me to crochet.

So, upon returning home this morning I grabbed a ball of wool and started. Teresa's pattern is designed for an adult but as I'm a Tight Hooker as Greedy for Colour often tells me my hat has turned out somewhat smaller than Teresa's pattern.

I need to crochet in a hook size at least one mm larger than specified. Needless to say I'll be purchasing a larger hook soon to make some of these for adults and I'll probably adjust the pattern slightly too. See, that's the great thing about learning to crochet . . . before long you can take a pattern and make it your own on some small way.

I'm also not at all happy with the quality of the photographs but I had to snap some tonight as I'm always terribly excited about a new creation (except for our Monkey that is). Tomorrow before the children head off on an exciting excersion with Nana for the day I'll try and get Kayley in a pliable mood and snap her in the hat (as she's probably the one who'll keep the hat anyway). If it's not Kayley's face you see it'll be Rogans and he's always a willing hat model . . . especially if it involves a flowery hat. The colours of this hat are dark blue with a sparkly fleck through and the flower is bright red. You'd never have guessed that now.

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  1. Thanks!!! I'm very happy that I could make my first hat after watching your videos.