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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Creative Chaos


Boy-oh-boy my house is starting to look like a sweat shop. I have little bits and large bits all over the place; some are complete, some are almost complete and others are very much works in progress. I have crochet books, balls of yarn, hooks and other paraphernalia about the place, the ironing board is up to press and block completed and semi completed projects. It’s a veritable mad house. The reason? Because I keep coming up with another project that must be done immediately. Like this throw.DSCF0881

My cousin Erica is coming over from Australia next month for my mothers 70th birthday. Well, Erica plays ladies once a month with her girlfriends and they have high tea. Being in Australia I can only imagine that the flies would be as bad as they are here and that she would need something lovely to throw over the cakes to keep then safe until serving time.

The one I made myself I love but it’s very vintage and not quite in keeping with Erica’s ultra modern decor so I had to create something original. I wanted it to be understated but to still make some kind of statement; so I revived the pansies. There areDSCF0882 only three complete so far (I’d forgotten how fiddly they are to make) so I still have two to go and they have to be tidied up and attached but I’m loving the effect already. I had envisaged them at the four corners but as I threw each completed pansy onto the throw I realised that randomly dotted about would be much better (yes these aren’t yet random but remember randomness doesn’t come naturally to me).

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll manage to finish this project and get back to my latest wrap/cardigan I’m making. But for now it’s off to my room to wrap Rogan’s birthday present. My big almost-four year old has gone to bed nappiless and eagerly anticipating getting a trumpet, a racing car, a violin, some drums, more footballs and copious other gifts he’s told me he really needs over the past couple of weeks. Boy will he be disappointed.

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