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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Rogie McKogie


After a long and tedious night I finally gave in and we started Rogan’s birthday at seven. The children would have liked to have started about 4am. Actually I had been awake from 2am after Rogan informed me he’d wet his bed. The midnight activity must have woken Kayley, who was more excited than her little brother about the big event. I went down the hall twice between then and four to be a big growly night creature. To no avail I’m afraid as I discovered two little bodies in Kayley’s bed at four. They were having a wonderful time.

Finally separated and under no illusions that I meant business they went back to sleep. I, unfortunately, did not. And, was not best pleased when they reappeared every ten minutes from six to ask if they could open gifts.

Because today was a full one the decision was made not to party today but to save it for Saturday so one decent present was given and it was a huge success . . . as far as the children were concerned. DSCF0886 A marble run is, without a doubt, a great toy but I’ve decided that children’s toys should come with a mental health warning. I had mountains of housework to get through this morning and managed almost nothing as the entire morning was spent setting up and constantly repairing the structure. At one point I had to walk away from a pile of pipes, tubes and wheels and hide away as my temper was getting the better of me.

I finally solved the problem by blue tacking it to the garage floor. This has withstood a preschooler and toddler bashing marbles at it for most of the day. And Rogan announced in his loud four year old voice that it was his best birthday ever.

We dined on junk food (very much a treat in our house) with Nanny and Grandad, ate cake and jumped all over his road mat which was the grandparent’s gift.

And now it’s the end of the school holidays. I still can’t believe that tomorrow school starts and we’re back into some kind of a routine again. While it’ll be great to get kids out of the house for a while I am not looking forward to the alarm going off at 6.30 tomorrow morning for the first time in six weeks. That being said, I’d best go raid the freezer for a loaf of bread and something for dinner tomorrow night.

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