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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I love Wildlife Until . . .

It gets on my nerves and this usually results from excrement left where people can walk through it. Today proved to be that day.

Way back in November we were so excited about our feathered visitor. The children took photographs of him to their various educational facilities and we talked about it for days. Mr Peacock has returned and we were all delighted. We'd rush to the window and watch his beautiful colours, admire his confident strutt and marvel at how his wife was so plain next to him.

I even allowed the children to throw some bread out for them and, much to my disgust, Rogan played a few games of chase the peacock around the house. I needn't have been alarmed as this has only encouraged the birds to become one of the family and poop right in my front door this afternoon. From now on Rogan can chase the peacock whenever the mood takes him. I think, next time I see him, I'll warn him that my father has his older brother standing on a log of wood proudly in his lounge room and if he doesn't behave my feathered friend will be standing right next to him.

On a brighter note though we have another cyclist in the family. I have been bribing, begging and almost forcing Rogan to give up his three wheeled scooter for a three wheeled bike for nearly a year. I couldn't help comparing him to Kayley. When Kayley turned four I removed the training wheels from her bike and pushed her off into the sunset. She never looked back. Now she has a bike set for a ten year old and zooms around my parent's neighbourhood like she was born on a bike seat. Rogan, however, has been much more reticent.

Yesterday while I was out supervising my one day gardener Rogan plopped himself down on the seat, planted his feet firmly on the peddals and said "Hey, watch me. I can ride a bike." Trying to be supportive I turned to smile kindly and stood, mouth ajar, and watched as he slowly but surely made his way across the driveway. Hmmmmm. Why do children do this? We stress over potty training, no night nappies, learning to walk, talk, ride bikes. And every time they do it . . . when they're ready to do it. There is only one downside . . . Rogan likes an audience and we need to be out there marvelling at his amazing bike riding feats at all possible times. Let's hope the novelty wears off soon.

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