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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Mad Hatter

Which is exactly what I feel like these days. Kayley's gone off to play with a friend from church and the little ones are asleep so I'm wondering . . . if I start now . . . how much will I get done.

Here is our reluctant model as I'd rightly predicted. She put it on grudgingly and refused to smile, but that's okay. And yesterday I tried the same pattern with a couple of alterations.

I used two strands of wool to make it a bit chunkier. I've been dreading doing this as, for some strange reason, I thought it would be difficult: it's really not. And I extended the brim of the hat by one row. It's now got a lovely ripple effect and gives quite a bit of shade. Needless to say, with one lovely rose pink shaded ball of cotton in my basket I'm guessing that today's challenge will be a cotton sunhat and see how that turns out.

I used that nasty ribboned cotton I got for my bag project and made three balls to decorate this hat. I love the flowers but something a bit different is very cool. I have some great butterfly patterns in  my flower book so I'm thinking the sun hat may be adorned with these little critters.

The best thing about this hat was that Janae managed to get her pretty green dressy filthy before we left for church so I had to change her into a little white dress. With the new hat and the satin white knickers Nanny made for her she was the apple of everyone's eye. The old dears just loved her so I was as proud as punch.

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