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Friday, February 26, 2010

Rockin’ Grannies


I’ve been on a bit of a road trip with three women all aged around the big 70 mark. We were on a mission to get to the Cliff Richard concert at the Vector Arena in Auckland.

Way back in the middle of last year I sat online patiently waiting for the tickets to go on sale for my parents to go and take a couple of friends with them. I pressed the “Best Available Seats” button and scored four seats in the fourth row. Upon paying for them father tells me he doesn’t really want to see him again and that I should go as I’ll probably need some time out by then.DSCF0948  Well, he wasn’t wrong on that score. So all we had to do was dispose of the remaining two tickets.

The first was easy to sell and my Dad’s cousin’s wife Jill snapped up the chance of a girlie concert and couple of days away. But try as we might we couldn’t find anyone to take the last ticket. I’m fairly sure the price was a factor as, being in Row 4, they weren’t cheap. However, it seems that fate had a hand to play and a friend of a friend arrived back a week early and literally bit our hands off in order to secure a seat at a concert of her most favourite aging pop star.


The arena filled up quickly to a capacity 12,500 and we waited patiently. One of the most surprising aspects of the evening was that there was no warm up act. At 8.10 the lights went down, the music went up and on came the idol of thousands of baby boomer women. His pink jacket and sparkly tie made me giggle but in the very first set he played my favourite Cliff song . . . Livin’ Doll . . . and the old dears shouted and screamed their appreciation. I was a little disappointed with the first half of the concert as it was more the Shadows and Cliff as opposed to the other way around. However, the second half he came strutting out in jeans and a tshirt and completely strutted his stuff for a further 90 minutes. Let me tell you . . . a 70 year old man should not have the body of a 30 year old. His dance moves, however, were more those of his physical age. (Perhaps the hip joints are starting to stiffen a little.)


By the end of the concert everyone was rocking in the isles and clapping and singing. I felt like I’d thoroughly enjoyed myself and had seen some pretty class performers.

And the icing on the cake was the laughter to be had throughout the day. The funniest had to be Jill and her innocence . . . how can a woman of her age be innocent you ask? I have no idea but it’s very funny. We were all tucked into our beds; the lights were out and Jill announced that she’d better don some knickers just in case we had to be evacuated in the night. Lights back on and knickers in place we stopped giggling, the lights went out and we tried to sleep. Suddenly there was a rustle and the lights were on again. “Nope, I can’t sleep in these knickers, they’ll have to come off and sod the consequences.” Jill announced. The underpants came off, the lights went off and after ten minutes of trying to stop laughing we finally dropped off to sleep.

Never underestimate the company of older women. They know how to have fun, how to laugh at themselves and all that goes on around them and they impart little gems of wisdom throughout your time together. Thank you ladies for a great couple of days.

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