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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yarn Comfort Zones

I finally made it to the wool shop today and got the second ball of cotton necessary for completing my bag. I also required a third colour for my "flap" i.e. the part that closes the bag. With such an array of colours it was difficult to choose, especially when I didn't really like any of the colours in the Smoothie range of cotton I am using. So I went out on a complete limb and bought this little ball of . . . well . . . yarn is the best way to describe it.

It's so far outside the  norm of what I usually work with that it was daunting and my fingers felt very unusual. It was almost like crocheting for the first time. I got to grips with in the end and am reasonably pleased with the results. Of course, now I'm perplexed as to when I'll ever use the yarn again. I am thinking I've probably got a scarf in me that might look good in this if I can find the patience to persist with it.

So the bag is almost complete. I am now working on the strap but had to put it aside to do my least favourite job in the whole world . . . cover school books. The instructions (which I read avidly every time I do this chore) make it look so straight forward. What the don't tell you (and I always forget) is that if any tiny part of the book touches the wrap and you're not ready for it you're up a large creek with a very small paddle. I am so glad I got three rolls or we'd have been in trouble. One book, in fact, is almost a disaster. But, the covering is silver and sparkly and Kayley will love it regardless. Thankfully she doesn't have an eye for detail . . . unless it's a new piece of clothing, makeup or shoes.

Well, best hit the sack. I have three lots of swimming lessons tomorrow one of which I'm expected to take part. Those poor mums seeing me in a bathing suit. Still, it's worth it in the end. Added to this pressure I've got to think about the vicar coming to tea sometime next week. Our Fergus and Carolyn are just lovely, but being the anal retentive that I am I'll have to clean and tidy for the next five days in preparation and I still won't feel like it's right. Oh well, God understands I'm sure.

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