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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Charles and Camilla

It seems our peacock friends have completly adopted us. It used to be that when I allowed the children to chase them around the house the birds would head to the neighbours where the children are older, less noisy and with a more tolerant parent no doubt.

However, this week they just head to the roof and hang out there until they're bothered no longer. So, it has to be said that they needed names. "You pesky birds" just didn't seem right for new additions to the family.

Their names were easy to find. I'm someone who usually struggles naming animals. I think that's probably because I usually view wild life as dinner rather than something adorable and loveable, and naming your dinner just doesn't seem right.

So here we have Charles and Camilla. Why? Because Charles is regal and proud and a complete nusience to have around; Camilla is regal and walks like an old horse. (I hope royals don't read blogs.) The children just love them both and are having great joy gathering up their soft down-like feathers that tell us they're growing from babies into adult birds. I have them scattered all over the living room floor right now. The little ones (Rogan and Janae) are staying the night with Nana tonight so Kayley and I can have a big clean up before church tomorrow morning. Kayley loves to clean bathrooms and mop floors. Without two of our little helpers we'll be done in no time.

Speaking of animals and dinner. We arrived home from Kayley's birthday celebration with her friend Venus today and Venus immediately fell in love with the sheep in our front garden. (They're another new addition.) "Wow," she said. "Are they your pets Kayley?" "Nope." I replied. "They're our dinner." Venus looked at me aghast. "No way. Don't eat them." I thought this was hugely funny but I'm hoping the poor girl doesn't have nightmares tonight.

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