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Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Dolly Is Born

I felt like fairies would be having a party as I sewed the last of the flowers on my doll. It's like a new pretend life has been conceived. She was just so much fun to make that I'm going to have to make more.

The children were away for a couple of hours at the school gala tonight so I managed to finish off most of her hat and then, once they were in bed I completed the flowers and leaves and stitched them on.

Now that I've knitted flowers I've got a book that I've loaned from a friend and it's calling my name to try out some of the flowers in there. I'm so amazed that I enjoyed these fiddly little bits but the overall effect is brilliant.

She's not as professional as the picture in the book, but it's my first attempt at a knitted toy so I'm not even going to complain.

And, if you think she's lovely enough to give away then please send in your names for her along with a story about your favourite doll from childhood (or adulthood).

My favourite doll as a child was called Susan. She had lovely long blonde hair that must have been real as it was beautiful to brush and tie up and I used to do just that for hours. My mother, who's a dab hand with a sewing machine used to make lots of clothes for her. I loved her.

I must have grown out of her for a bit as I discovered her at the bottom of my wardobe when I was about ten and her face was a mottled purple . . . the after effects of having been laid on top of a pile of carbon paper (this was probably left over from my typing phase). But mum scrubbed her up and she was like new. Around this time I got into my hair dressing phase and chopped all her hair off into, what I believed was a stylish bob. Sadly Susan was never quite the same again. I still loved her though.

There's something special about our girlhood doll. So let's hope we can come up with a fabulous name for this one.

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  1. I had one of those dolls where you turned part of their head and the hair changed color. I looked it up - the Tiffany Taylor doll. But my parents couldn't find the white doll, so I got the black doll. I loved her and made clothes for her. I don't remember her name I also cut her hair, but it wasn't too short. Your doll is very cute! I don't want to be put into the contest, as I don't have children or collect dolls, but wanted to comment. I enjoy reading your site and congratulations and good luck!