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Sunday, March 7, 2010

I wouldn't have called myself a knitter but . . .

. . . I might be changing my mind now that I'm half way through this latest project. I have been loaned these fabulous Jean Greenhowe toy patterns by a friend and I wasn't sure if my very basic knitting skills would enable me to work this project out. The patterns are, however, very straight forward and very rewarding. Added to that I'm learning heaps and am now keen to knit more things a little more advanced . . . once I've finished my doll and the other sock required for my mothers birthday present that is.

After my debacle of crocheting toys I thought I'd never have the courage to try another one again. This has, thank goodness, restored my faith a little. With my 300th post not too far off (assuming life goes on being relatively interesting) I'm hoping my dolly might be good enough to give away to someone who can name her and give a really good reason why she should have that name. But more on that closer to the time. For now I'm concentrating on hair. I've read the pattern about securing her face and, by my row counting, her eyes look like they should be in the position that I'd have put her mouth. I am totally aware that my spatial skills are not always brilliant so I thought I'd make her hair and attach that before committing the poor girl to eyes, a nose and a mouth. Hopefully that'll solve that problem. Then I'll make sure she has arms and appropriate clothes.

I started making her pantelettes yesterday and between mum and I, we had a few problems with figuring out the picots. That is, I discovered, due to too much crochet on my part. See, when you make a picot in crochet, you make a picot and there it is. With this pattern you prepare the picot row and then, on completion, fold above the picot row and then you'll discover a gorgeous little frilly hem. So, I unpicked the pants three times before I figured it out and decided to make her body instead as I didn't have the heart to start a fourth time. Be assured, in the past if I'd have to start a knitting project more than once I'd have given up completely and never finished it, so I've come a long way in my needle craft over the past year. It's such a rewarding feeling!

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