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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's All About Birthdays

The month of March is a busy birthday time for us and it's also a time where I've decided to get creative rather than get shopping.

We've got a four year old birthday party this weekend and it's all about craft so I thought I'd put together a wee card instead of buying one of those cheesy "Happy Birthday Big Four Year Old" ones. While the theme of this card has nothing to do with craft I decided that as we virtually live at the beach, it's still summer and no one can resist the caress of a warm sandy beach it would make a nice card.

It's also my mother's birthday this month and she seems to just love my cards; thus I had to make her one. As she's diabetic and winter isn't too far away I've decided on making a pair of socks for her . . . crochet of course. I've almost completed one foot and will start the next tomorrow. I've also got her a Cliff Richard CD to remember her knees up at the concert last week.

Finally it's Kayley's birthday. And that's the one that's the hardest to figure out. We're having a family party on the Friday and I'll have to do a cake and a few games for the kids. But on the Saturday she's taking her new friend Venus to Bay Wave. Because this was Kayley's venue and because I'm alone in charge I've limited the numbers. I didn't limit the numbers to two but Kayley's insisting she only wants Venus. After Bay Wave we'll have a bite to eat and then I'll take them home. Here's hoping it's a good day as Kayley's quite looking forward to being seven.

Following that it's all over for birthdays until October. Thank goodness for that as they all come so close after Christmas. I've not made a card for Kayley yet but I'll be sure to show it when it's done.

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