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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Multi-Media Canvas

It was the first Crafty Girls session last night and it was a blast. I love going to Crafty Girls even if I come home and hate what I've made. This week was not one of those. I breezed through the door totally in love with my creations.

We made multi-media canvasses and I think I'll be making more. Here's the one I love best. It was the first and I made it from inspiration from a picture we'd been shown of other people's work. Amazingly it came together easily. I think this had a great deal to do with the huge array of papers and patterns. Of course I had to get my head around its usual practical mode and think outside my usual colour and pattern constraints. Once I'd done that it was a breeze.

The second canvas I did was an underwater theme. I'm not so happy with this but I'll be attempting it again here at home. I wish I'd taken along my cuttlebug because I've got some great underwater dies that would have been brilliant for this. Kayley's decided that she's having this one but she may be out of luck as I might pinch the stones along the bottom. I'm trying very hard to be a good steward with my money and going off to buy stones for a piece of art might not be wise in my current finanical climate. But, just thinking, it might be a great excuse to go for an excursion to the Mount beach for a shell hunt sometime.

This afternoon is going to be lots of fun. I have a couple of the girls coming over for a crochet lesson. Hmmm, can I teach this skill I wonder. Let's hope so. Although, I'm dubious about teaching Andrea as, at the moment, she's my sole hat market and once she learns to make her own I'll be out of business. Ah well, you've got to share the skills really. Creativity is so much more fun that way.

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