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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dedicated Yarn Stores

The ladies who run the wool shop in the 11th Ave Plaza have often intimidated me and I've scurried in and out again with my purchase hoping they didn't notice me. However, this week I have come to respect them totally and be grateful for their experience and help.

I have been charged with making Janae a red cardigan to go with a white dress with red spots that Brenda has kindly made while here in New Zealand.

I got to the shop and instantly had help hunting down patterns for toddlers, and was quickly shown the very best patterns. Once I'd chosen what I wanted to make (not altogether sure I'd be able to achieve it) the lovely lady helped me make my colour choice and then completely stunned me.

See, I've always thought one 50gm ball of wool was the same as the next. I need to confirm that, in general, I'm a fairly intelligent individual and know that a litre of water weighs differently to a litre of milk, and should have made the correlation to different yarns also. But, I didnt' need my ingelligence as our lady helped me before I knew I needed help. With a flick of the calculator she'd worked out that I'd need four balls of my chosen colour as opposed to the three stated on the pattern. Now that's the kind of service we all love and crave.

So I've completed the first sleeve, am almost done the tricky part of the second and will have to go back to see my new favourite wool ladies for some longer needles. I'd persist with my short ones, except the end has gone missing and with 154 stitches, they'll all fall off the end and that'd be the end of me. I'm looking forward to my visit to the wool shop tomorrow!

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