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The past two years have been all about adjusting to motherhood and finding my way through it via craft. The out pouring of this came in the form of my blog Aunty Mum. Now I'm finally finding my feet, the children are growing, I'm getting some independence and my interests are morphing . . . into cooking. Join me in exploring creativity in many forms, food, fabric, frowns and laughter.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Holiday Sweetness

What's so sweet about the school holidays I hear you ask? The fact that they're nearly over. I cannot believe that two weeks has been more stressful than a whole six weeks of summer. But, we're on the home stretch now and I'll have a couple of hours alone with the supermarket today so I'm not complaining.

Yesterday we took another trip to the toy library. That's the beauty of such things. The toys we got last week had lain idle in the newly appointed toy room for a few days, I had three restless children so I packaged them all up and exchanged them for some new ones (the toys were packaged, not the children). Alas, things all got a little sandy last night.

I guess I should have realised that construction toys would naturally migrate to the sand pit and then back indoors. But, after a photo shoot with the children and Stephanie yesterday afternoon and a big swim after that my patience was a distant memory of a well behaved mother.

In the midst of dinner cooking I looked over to see great piles of wet sand on the carpet and Rogan on the sofa cuddling his digger and dump truck with dry sand all around him. Needless to say he had a look of complete bliss on his face. There had to have been a look of thunder on mine as I'd got stuck into beautifying our living space yesterday morning. Mortified at the state of my lounge is putting it mildly. Upon looking at it this morning it doesn't seem nearly so bad. The sand in this picture is just the left overs of what I couldn't scoop up and throw outside . . . along with the dump truck in the first picture.

But one toy was gratefully received by all three children. We got this little rocking horse for Janae and she loves it, but she also loves to shove her older brother and sister all round the house rocking them as hard as she can. As I write this Kayley's watching High Five from it. We may have to add one to our 2010 Christmas Wish List.

While I've been struggling I've been trying to be creative. My enthusiasm hasn't been entirely great but we're getting there slowly. I'm making this little sleeveless cardigan for Kayley. It's made out of little squares, which is never my strong point as I get a little bored quite quickly. But, on those days when I've had to make trips to the park for my sanity I've taken wool and a hook along. An hour at the park and I can get half a dozen squares done (until the swing pushing duty comes up). I'm sure, once I've had a week of normal routine I'll be right back into it.


  1. 每一粒厄運的種子,卻包孕著未來豐盛的果實..............................

  2. I love it - I can't wait to see Kayley wearing it when we get back. Love Kate xxooxxooxx.