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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Toy Libraries and Holidays

After over a year I've finally joined the toy library and am so pleased I did. Unfortunately the toys I really wanted to bring home are down at the Church being used for the little ones in Sunday School but they'll be back in circulation soon. So, we had to choose other things and they tended to be quite noisy ones. Doesn't seem to be too annoying yet though so it's all good.

Added to this new toy bliss is having Rogan home. He's spent the last three days with his Nana and two big brothers. Up until this wee holiday he's been quite a stroppy little boy with a huge attitude and very small patience. He managed to wind up his sisters at the drop of  a hat, would give someone a thump when his words ran out and spent quite a bit of time in the dreaded naughty corner.

It seems that three days with big boys and new games has made a lot of difference. He came home with lots of tales to tell, a big grin on his face and the need to play all his new found games with Kayley. Kayley, whose patience also leaves a lot to be desired seems to have embraced her new pal with gusto.

The only downside of this was the bath roller coaster. The big boys taught Rogan how to use the inside of the bath as his very own skateboard ramp for his toy cars. Kayley just loved this idea and there was loads of noise and a few black marks on my new bath. They'll come off with a little pink paste but I had to draw the line when they started to fill the bath up while fully clothed.

Needless to say they found new ways of roller coastering cars and now the garage looks like a bomb site. I'm trying to be positive though as it's the first time in a very long time where the two older children have actually played for longer than ten minutes without falling out. Tomorrow night it's Janae's turn to spend some time with Nana. She too is displaying some very strong and independant tendancies, which I'm finding tough to deal with at times so let's hope that Nana and the brothers can whip her in to shape too. I won't hold my breath as Kayley was sent home after her first night. Waking the whole house up at 4.30 probably didn't help her endear herself to the masses. Ah well, she gets another night sometime next week. Bring it on!

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