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Friday, May 28, 2010

Finished at Last


I feel like I’ve been sewing in little tails of wool for days, but it’s not been too bad and now Rogan’s blanket is finished at last.

I’m a little unsure about some of the colour combinations, but the children love it and I know it’s something that’ll be used frequently and wrapped around little bodies like warm arms. That makes me feel good.



The blanket is currently residing on Rogan’s bed right now but I don’t imagine for a moment that it’ll stay there for long. I’ve also hunted out the hot water bottles that go inside some of our favourite toys. Rogan and Janae had much needed sleeps this afternoon and I’m sure part of their eagerness to go to bed was that they were taking their new bed buddies along with them.

Our home isn’t particularly cold but when I go and cover them all up before I go to sleep at night their little heads always feel a bit cool so I’ve determined they’ll be snug from now on. It also stops me feeling guilty about not turning the heating on every night. I felt guilty last night and ended up turning it off after half an hour as I was sweltering; I also ended up at the bottom of my bed looking for a cool spot for my feet and had to get up to open the ranch slider at about 3am as I was too hot.


So we’re almost heading out the door to take Kayley to her swimming lesson and I’m off to hunt through Nanny’s knitting needles as I want to undertake this hat and scarf as my next project. I feel like I’ve been making things for everyone else lately and now it’s time to make something for me. I even delivered two crochet flowers for the swimming teacher this morning. She donated some wool to Rogan’s blanket in exchange for a flower for the beanie she’s just made for herself. Well . . . it would have been rude to say no.

I’m quite liking this “knit one, crochet one” pattern that’s emerging from this autumn season. Makes for a little more interest. I’ll let you know how the hat and scarf are going over the next week or so.

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  1. Fantastic and great arrangement of the blocks. I am a bit the same alternating knitting and crocheting projects at the moment -it makes life more interesting!