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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Now I Remember

Today is one of those wet, cold, wintery days that I now recall helped me make so many wonderful crochet projects last year.

We got Kayley off to the bus early this morning, we've watched our quota of telly and now the children are exploring among their toys in the toy room while eating chocolate chip biscuits (not home made ones I'm afraid). I had to put the fire on as it just needed to feel a little cosier.

Janae and Rogan are unaware but they're off with Nana this morning so I'm planning all sorts of lovely things in my mind. I'll return the toys to the toy library (without the pressure to get some more today), get some more milk and then come home to a quiet a peaceful house to blob on the sofa with a documentary about the demise of the Roman Empire.

And while I'm blobbing I'll carry on with my squares. I'm not even half way through the required number yet and I'm slowly running out of the green wool. I do, however, have another shade of green that I can use to make up the numbers. I'm hoping to make this blanket without having to buy any more wool.

My problem is that I've used up most of the 8 ply wool in my stash so I will probably  have to get a couple of balls for the joining of the squares but I can't complain about that.

I'm quite excited about this dismal weather really. Yesterday I got the lawn mowed, the edges trimmed, the man came and put up my curtain tracks. There were four loads of washing cleaned, dried and put away, a dinner on the table and children all in bed by seven so I can allow myself a lazy day today.

Finally, I just had to share my gorgeous miniature daffodils. I hosted a luncheon for my mother and a few of her friends on Monday and two pots of the most beautiful daffodils were a gift from Chris. They are taking pride of place on the table at the moment as they're just so cheery and warm and I love to look at them when ever possible.

So, smelly bottom Janae is urging me to finish this post and get her bum changed before Nana gets here, and my craft is calling so I'll call it a day for now.

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