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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sometimes It’s Frustrating


In my last post I said I was going to make a start on a hat and scarf for myself. Well, after five attempts to make the hat pattern work I’ve given up and gone back to a project I’ve had in mind for over a year now.

You see, the hat pattern has the wrong number of starting stitches and no matter what I tried (including a calculator) I couldn’t get it to work. Never one for a huge amount of patience for errors I gave up and started on a table cloth.

The last time I was in Auckland my mum and I visited a fabric warehouse in Otara. While there I noticed that they had these lovely rolls of crochet yarn for fifty cents each. I rummaged through a huge barrel of them and found 20 of the same batch and splurged my $10 all the while thinking how much I’d like to attempt a table cloth for my little round dining table.


Now I’ve made a start and I’m quite enjoying it. I am very aware that I’m up to round 18 and there are a total of 111 rounds with each one getting larger so there’s a long way to go. But that’s all good. Maybe this will be the project that’ll see me through the rest of the winter.

I say this but a friend informed me that her mother-in-law had worked out the pattern required for a Robertson tartan rug and I have yet to have the pattern forwarded to me. I have a feeling that the rug may take precedence once I’ve got the pattern. We’ll just have to see.

But tomorrow morning I’m home alone so I’m hoping to sit at my table in the sunshine and keep working on the cloth. I’ve got most of my chores done today so there’s very little to be done tomorrow. Little Janae has all but given up her afternoon sleep now so it’s a case of being motivated all day now. I’m determined to keep trying to get her to sleep but I’m not overly optimistic. Ah well, if she doesn’t sleep tomorrow she can play outdoors while I mow the lawn with my brand new lawn mower. That’ll be a welcome break from crochet.

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