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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why do they wait . . .

Until you're spending a day in bed feeling very sorry for yourself, slowly dying of a common cold before calling in for a visit?

I'd managed to get the children out of the house without severely injuring someone. We'd even made the bus on time (but Kayley's I Spy word began with G and happened to be grumpy. I think she was sending me a message). Grandad picked up Rogan and Janae and dropped them at their various places for the day and I settled down to wallow.

Once I'd finally fallen asleep and had stopped sneezing for more than five minutes . . .  BANG BANG BANG on the door. It was lovely Anna dropping of some very welcome lemons (which I'm now consuming with hot water, honey and a drop of whiskey). Back to bed and just about asleep . . . BANG BANG BANG. This was a visitor that, on most occasions, would be very welcome but not today.

See this particular lady featured hugely in my childhood and was like a second mother to me. Now she lives in Invercargil and we only see her once in a while. She'd dropped in to tell me that her daughter, my oldest friend, was coming next week and she wanted to bring her round. That will be awesome. But this particular lady is the most fastidious person I've ever met and she walked into utter chaos.

Janae's weetbix crumbs were still under her chair, and littered the bench; the breakfast dishes were still sitting in the sink; pajamas were still drapped across furniture where the children had got dressed, toys had sneaked out of the toy room and taken up residence in the family room. Ah well . . . I'm telling myself that I don't care. It's taking all my effort to get baths and dinner underway and cleaning can wait for tomorrow . . . perhaps.

Let's hope I get a bit more warning next them they arrive so I can give the illusion of a pedant too. Keep your fingers crossed.

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  1. Lots of hot water bottle and cosy blanket thoughts to you while you are not feeling well. Hope you make a speedy recovery and the kids pamper you until they do.