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Friday, June 11, 2010

A Hat Thief


I just had to take this photograph this morning. I left Kayley’s new hat on the bench last night for her to appraise. Before anyone knew what was going on Janae (our resident hat lover) had claimed it and refused to give it up. Even Grandad tried to put it on and met with a great deal of  resistance. And I had to capture Janae and Molly having breakfast together. Molly has spent the first half of her first year in bed waiting for Janae to arrive and snuggle up with her but just lately she’s been dragged about the house more. Poor Molly the Dolly, she’s starting to get a bit grubby but I’m not sure how to clean her as she has a mechanism in her belly that, when pushed, kisses and says “I love you”. I’d hate her to lose that ability.


And I had to include this photograph of Rogan and his friend Sophie doing their starfish at swimming lessons this morning. Until recently Sophie was the star starfisher as she’s got an amazing buoyancy but Rogan’s quickly catching on to the tricks; keep your head back and relax. He’s doing so well it’s almost a shame not to continue for the next term but it’s getting so cold and he’s still so little that winter isn’t the best time for swimming, even when the pool is heated. Janae will also take a break but our tough girl Kayley swims all  year round. She swam about a kilometre in her lesson today. I’m glad I don’t have to swim that distance.

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