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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's Growing Slowly

With childrens' hats made and the injured thumb feeling back to normal it's all systems go on the table cloth once again and it's coming along, albeit, slowly.

I've made a start on the bows that will decorate the next section of the cloth which is approximately 300 individual stitches per side with six sides to the item. Whew, it's quite tiring on the old brain making sure they're all there and all in the right place. Thankfully it's been a peaceful day here with children all off in various places.

Aside from the crochet I've been out in the garden. I had always planned a hedge along our road boundary fence and have considered lots of different options. The one I've chose has been because the plants all come free of cost. I'm planting a camelia hedge from seedlings growing beneath established camelias that exist on our property and on friends properties. I thought I'd done well to dig out ten seedlings and replant them along the fence. I thought this until I continued along the boundary and realised I still need about 50 more. So I'm organising a coffee date with my mum and our lovely friend Ann-Marie next week. She has the gorgeous little woodland behind her house and there are hundreds of little seedlings just waiting to be plucked from the ground. The added bonus of getting them there is that the soil is much softer than where I've been digging today.

I'm hoping that they will have grown sufficiently by next summer to afford us some privacy from the road but it's a few years time I'm looking foward to when it's winter, the hedge will be about five foot tall and just coming into flower. Lovely.

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