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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's Quiet Around Here

 It's been a very quite blogging week I'm afraid. I'm so caught up in mundane things, like getting myriad loads of washing out on the line between heavy showers of rain, like vacuuming the house out, like tidying out the pigsty that is Kayley's room (and creating a bonfire from the screeds of paper she's accumulated over the year), like baking for her Room Six Celebration and Kite Flying morning tomorrow.

I've also been creating though, but nothing is complete so I haven't taken any photographs. I'm three quarters of the way through Rogan's jumper. I'm making it out of an old jumper so the wool needs to be wound into skeins, washed and dried. I'm out of prepared wool and can't do any more until the last lot is done.

So I've started on a hat from some patterns our lovely swimming teacher, Nicola gave me last week. I'm so obscessed with cables at the moment that this hat is a cable hat. Kayley was funny when she saw what I'm doing. "Wow," she said, "you're knitting with three needles now." Then I realised, they saw me start with one when I started to crochet, then I progressed on to two when I started knitting, and now I'm using three. Just wait until she sees me finally tackle doing a neck band with four needles (not something I'm holding my breath in anticipation of mind you).

But, it's very late at night and I need to quickly whip up the marshmellow topping for our morning tea contribution tomorrow morning. I'm gagging to go to my warm bed and continue reading "Tess of the D'Urbavilles" but I must finish the baking first. Bummer, as I'm just not in the baking mood tonight.

Hopefully my next post will have some photographs of completed garments.

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