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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Maybe I’m not as Mean as the Kids say I am


On Sunday I agreed to get these soft alphabet tiles down from their hiding place in the linen cupboard. I knew in advance (as we do with our children) that they’d end up all over the driveway, through the house and cover the garage floor so I made a deal. Either they were stacked away in a “NEAT” pile when they were finished with or they’d go in the bin. Needless to say they were not left as instructed and I got grouchy (difficult to believe I know) and I ceremoniously dumped them all in the green bin for collection. I’ve left them there since Sunday determined that I hated them so much I just had to throw them away despite the nagging guilt I had in the back of my mind.

This evening I was half way through dragging the green bin to the end of the drive for collection tomorrow morning and I had to turn back and rescue them all. I’m not sure why I’ve done this as we’ll only have a repeat performance the next time I allow them to be used but I couldn’t just ditch them after all.


And today, through endless rain and endless Hi Five DVDs I’ve managed to carry on with my table cloth. I love filet crochet because the end effect is amazing. But, until it’s blocked it’s so difficult to see how beautiful the item really is. Every night I lay it out on the table because I’m still a little scared that it may come out too small for my table, but at round 34 of 111 I’m fairly sure it’ll be fine.

This pattern is particularly difficult as I have to keep an eye on three diagrams at once. There’s the increase diagram, the start diagram that shows the beginning of certain rounds that have pattern beginning at each ‘corner’ and the main design diagram. Thankfully I love using pictures to stitch by rather than written instructions so I’m not getting into too much trouble and so far I’ve only had to unravel a couple of rounds and ignore a couple of mistakes.

But I have to keep going at it as I’ve received my instructions for the Robertson tartan.robertson-red-mod-200 Here’s an idea of what it’s supposed to look like and I’m hoping that the finished product will come out looking right. Thanks to Mrs Keith Snr, the instructions are super concise and I shouldn’t have too much difficulty following them. All I need to do now is to purchase a few balls of wool a week until I have them all. I will require a total of 13 balls of 100gm wool in red, blue and green. Can’t wait to get started on this!

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  1. I love tartans! Can't wait to see the sompleted object!