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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Success at Last

It's been one of those days that started at 6am and just kept on going. I managed to get everyone off to their various places this morning and then mum and I headed off to Bunnings. We were in search of some fairly in-expensive curtains for my living/dining room as winter is here and, even with double glazing it's a bit cold.

We found the curtains, and a hydraulic gadget to stop my back door from slamming and chopping someone's fingers off, and a yard broom, and a new pot for my induction hobb, and a shelf for my laundry so I don't have to keep battling with the kiddy locks on the laundry cupboard, and a door bell so now I'll know if I have visitors rather than them knocking and leaving as we don't hear them, and some more vege plants for the garden. Two hours we wandered around that enormous store and it was lots of fun.

The afternoon was spent putting hooks into curtains and curtains onto tracks. I have to say though, it's been lovely to hide behind them tonight rather than feel like I'm sitting in a fish bowl.

But, even after all this activity I've found time to finish Kayley's hat (version II). And this one will fit. As I'm on a mission not to spend money on wool but use up all my supplies, this hat has turned into a stripy one, which Kayley really likes, thankfully. With the flash it's difficult to see the true colours (as usual). The white has little flecks of orange and pink, the blue is actually purple and the orange . . . well  . . . it's still dayglo orange.

Now Rogan wants one too so I'll have a hunt through the box and pick out some colours for him. With a bit more time on my hands I can whip these up in a day so maybe his will be ready by the weekend. We're off to stay at Nanny and Grandad's on Saturday night - yes all of us. It's a big Rugby test match and as I don't have the sports channel I suggested a nice roast dinner and the game and we'd all stay over. It means I get to sleep in the guest wing which, if my calculations are correct, may mean a sleep in . . .  oh no, the "Chicks" are singing at church on Sunday so no sleep in there. Bummer. Better luck next time I guess.

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