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Sunday, June 6, 2010

What a Weekend

This weekend we’ve been really busy and it’s been pretty good. In the morning the children went off for a visit with their mother and then the afternoon was filled up with a birthday party.


Our lovely friend Doreen came along to do the face painting. Janae joined her friend Emily and ended up as a butterfly.





She looked so cute. I’m glad she was staying with Nana last night so that I didn’t have to bring myself to be the one to wash it all off.




Kayley was the next of my tribe in line. I’m not so sure about this look . . . having lost two teeth to the tooth fairy over the past week she looks a little scary. This picture isn’t the best unfortunately as Doreen had done some gorgeous pink blending around the forehead and stuff. Ah well, Kayley thought she was the most beautiful child in the world.



And even Rogan finally agreed to having his face painted. He was a leopard. Again, I’m glad it was nana that was washing it off because, even though I’m aware most of it will end up on pillows and sheets, they look so cute that I can’t bear to see it all go down the plug hole.




A great time was had by all and each child got a lollipop in the pass the parcel game with Rogan winning the main prize of a bag of marbles. Great, another obstacle to avoid vacuuming up.



And this morning it is just Kayley and I so wDSCF1133e decided to get creative in a more permanent sense. We got out the paints and canvasses and enjoyed some quiet creativity. I’ve been trying to get the enthusiasm to do this picture for a while but haven’t had the energy or inclination. I’m not sure I had either really this morning as it was a little cramped on our table and, you know what kids are like, they have to use every colour available, every brush at their disposal as well as anything else they can find.


Kayley had a ball I’m pleased to say and just loves her creation. Mine is only about half complete but I’m sure having a child free night might bode well for doing some more tonight.

I can scarcely believe it’s only nine in the morning and we’ve vacuumed, tidied, mopped floors and done some art with still an hour before church. How interesting (or uninteresting) life would be with just one child. I just wish every weekend could be as smooth sailing as this one has been.

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