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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Baaaa . . . the great outdoors


Just the other day I was sounding off about spending much of the day outdoors and how wonderful it was. Well, yesterday the great outdoors wasn’t so much fun.

We had a lovely white frost and the girls had a fabulous time finding frozen water and smashing it like bits of glass. What wasn’t so much fun was finding a stray sheep in the garden. Grandad raced over to our house and we spent half an hour coaxing the little cherub (you know that’s not the word I really want to use) back into the paddock with her pals. Whew.

And hour later and I look out the window to this view. All summer I chased peacocks away from my tomatoes and other vegetables and now it seems I have to chase sheep away from my winter plants. Alas, after two shoes being thrown at her, a lot of expletives and the expense of my patience and the little that’s left of my sanity after a week of school holidays the sheep wouldn’t budge and I have no garden left to speak of.

I think I’ll just level this area off, plant it in lush green grass, get some outdoor furniture and forget about gardening from here on in. I don’t really mean that I’m afraid. I’m so in love with being able to pop out the door and slice off a lush white cauliflower, grab and handful of beans or dig up some potatoes for our dinner that I can’t give up just yet.

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