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Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Holidays Have Arrived


It’s only Sunday but the Holidays have arrived at our house. It’s a bleak, cold and horrible day outside and I’m feeling something like death warmed up so I haven’t the energy to disperse hut making to another room as is the usual practice.

The dining room chairs are all in the lounge, every blanket we own scattered across every cushion and squabbles are erupting about who’s blanket is to be sat on etc. As you can see, we haven’t graduated to clothes yet either.


This is in stark contrast to yesterday’s activities. I mentioned the arrival of our new garden shed soon and yesterday we had a little chain gang going laying the bricks for the floor. We are now about three quarters of the way through now so it’s starting to get exciting.

You will remember my last post I said something like “I can’t imagine what it will be like to wake up without being woken up by someone” well, I still can’t. Having been unable to sleep I watched a bit of the tennis in the middle of the night and finally went off to sleep about 2am. I woke at 8 ready to tell one of the kids off for turning on my bedroom lights and realised they were not here and it was the sun streaming through the window. Straight back to sleep I went to be woken up by the phone at 9am. Who was it? Kayley! Once again I was woken up by the kids and they weren’t even home. I swear . . . next time they’re all away I’m unplugging the phone and turning the cell off too. Now they’re all standing around begging for cups of tea and milk shakes so I’d better go sort them out.

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  1. Oh sorry you got woken up...I was up until 1:45 reading...and you fixed it so we can post comments now!