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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lots’a Books


As promised here are the books I got from the library this week. There are so many things I want to make in the bottom two that I know I’m just being greedy. I need to pick just one item and concentrate on that. Unfortunately, as much as I love Debbie Stoller’s crochet book, this one on knitting was a little disappointing. I guess I should be happy as it means I won’t be rushing out to have my very own copy.


So this is the project I’ve decided to concentrate on once I’ve finished with winter jumpers. It’s got it all, textures, beads, cables and gorgeous colours. I won’t be sticking to the colours seen in this picture, but will be mixing it up a bit with my own conservative sense of colour. This pattern comes from the bottom right book “Blankets and Throws to Knit”.


And here is the bolster that I’m certain will be outside my level of skill right now. I’ll keep this in mind for next winter perhaps when I’ve done a lot more knitting. It’s quite funny really to think that I see a picture of something crocheted and I can see how it’s constructed and know that, if I read the pattern carefully, it’ll be a piece of cake. Knitting does not yet have that for me . . . and I wonder if it ever will.


And here are the instructions for DSCF1175making a ball of wool out of skeins of yarn. I’m going to have to sit down tonight, once the angels are in bed and study this carefully so that I can replicate it with my newly straighten yarn. It’s sitting on the kitchen bench just waiting for me to roll it all up but I’ve got this need to finish Rogan’s jumper first (which is DSCF1176




still quarter of the back, two sleeves and a collar . . . not to mention sewing together, away from being complete).

Now it’s time to gather up my two children so we can do another swap and bring Kayley home and send Rogan off. It’s been something of a child round-about here this week. Long may it continue!

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  1. love that blanket project, that will keep you busy!