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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Winter Cold Remedy


I have a confession: I’m not a gardener. I love gardens; I love the idea of being a gardener; I even like planting things. But, I’m not driven to make beautiful things grow, tend to weeds or anything much like that. It’s quite sad really and I can only hope that as age continues to grow, so will my gardening genes I know I have in my family history.

I say this, however, having spent the afternoon in the garden with my mother (who most definitely is a gardener) planting trees. And, feeling like death with yet another nasty winter cold, I’m settling into the evening feeling so much better and can only think that it’s due to being out in the sunshine putting beauty into the ground.

My house has the advantage of gaining lots of sunshine. This, as a winter feature, is fabulous. In the summer, however, it simply serves to make indoor temperatures in the mid 30s. So I’ve picked out some trees that will provide shade in the summer and gorgeousness in the spring and autumn. The first is the one above, a liquid amber. It should grow to about 10 metres tall, has masses of glossy foliage in the summer and these beautiful colours in the autumn. I’ve planted it to shade the lounge through the summer and will hopefully mean that I can use my little patio too. It’s the most private spot and I would love to be able to sit out there on summer afternoons doing some crochet or some such.


The second tree I’ve planted is a Silk Tree or Albizia. These trees grow to about six metres and form a natural umbrella shape. I’ve planted this just off our large patio so that, once it’s big enough, we can move the outdoor table under it and enjoy its gorgeous and delicate flowers and dappled shade. This is still a couple of years off but it’ll be worth the wait.

As for crafts, I’m currently working on a big, cosy jumper for myself. The back is almost complete and I can’t wait to get onto the front where it will finally get interesting. Knitting with chunky wool so so much fun as it flies by. I don’t think I’ll be finished by the time I go off my my solo holiday in a couple of weeks so that’ll be something to keep me amused during my solitude. I’ll tell you more about the holiday nearer to the time.

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