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Friday, July 23, 2010

Winter Madness


Yesterday morning Janae managed to get into the linen cupboard and find some bathing suits. Before I knew what was happening she had her pyjamas and nappy off and these togs on. Thankfully she had enough good sense to keep her singlet and hat on. Needless to say I couldn’t resist taking this photograph and it’ll probably be one of those that graces the photo board at her 21st birthday.

With terrible weather yesterday, three children in their places of education and a mother promising to take me out for coffee before we did the grocery shopping there was nothing for it but a trip to the library. This was cleverly disguised as the need to return books from the school holidays, but for me it was another chance to browse the knitting/crochet isle again. And I’ve found a treasure.


I love this book so much that I’ve ordered my own copy. Brand new they retail for over $100 US and I managed to get a second hand copy for $25 NZ so I’m very happy. What’s so great about this book? The fact that you can mix and match body styles, sleeve styles and neck lines to create a unique garment. I knew that I’d never have the opportunity to either peruse or use this book to it’s fullest while on loan from the library so I made the decision to purchase it last night and I’ve had an email this morning telling me it’s on it’s way. Now only a few weeks to wait.


This picture makes it difficult to see how it works (I’ll try to take more detailed photos when the children aren’t playing human spinning tops right next to me) but it’s reminiscent of children’s books where half the page turns independent of the other half. Each body pattern indicates what sleeve shape (ie dropped, raglan etc) works with the style, and the same for the neck line. Wooo Hoooo. At last, a knitting book I’m going to love as much as I love my Happy Hooker crochet book.

Well, that’s enough procrastinating. I’ve got some friends over for a game of Cranium and a couple of glasses of wine tonight. I’ve made the hummus, have tidied the kitchen, made the beds, but my living room still looks like a war zone so it’s back to work for me. Enjoy your day.

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