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The past two years have been all about adjusting to motherhood and finding my way through it via craft. The out pouring of this came in the form of my blog Aunty Mum. Now I'm finally finding my feet, the children are growing, I'm getting some independence and my interests are morphing . . . into cooking. Join me in exploring creativity in many forms, food, fabric, frowns and laughter.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Home from my Hols


I managed to get away about ten on Monday morning, after a Sunday that rivalled all bad days. It was an interesting journey due mostly to my frame of mind. I love driving by myself and I’m the classic car singer and love to have the stereo blaring with terrible 80s and 90s music that I grew up with. This trip, however, I didn’t even turn the radio on and just relaxed into the silence.

I had thought it was going to take ages to get there, but in tDSCF1207ruth, it’s only 120km from home and before I knew it I was driving up this incredibly steep road looking for number 19. Then up a slightly overgrown and stony drive to the prettiest little bach I’ve seen in a long time. And upon unlocking the doors and walking through to the living area I was greeted with these sights. It just took my breath away.

My friend who loaned me the place said I’d be able to sit out on the deck and forget about the world. Well, she wasn’t wrong. It was just too inviting to look away. I unloaded my bags, got a cup of tea and sat out breathing in the peace and quiet.

Knowing that life had been hectic and that having nothing much to do would get old very quickly I’d stopped at the Katikati library, loaded up on BBC dramas on DVD and a book full of hot water bottle knitting patterns. The first task was to finish the jumper I was making for myself and hadn’t had the enthusiasm to finish. So while engrossed in a Catherine Cookson drama I got that finished. (I’ll post some photos of that soon.) And now I’m working on hot water bottle covers for the children. There are so many fabulous patterns it’s been hard to chose just three. There’s one I would love to make but it’s on circular needles and I’ve never used those so it might be time to have Greedy for Colour over for a cuppa and a lesson.

Now I’m home and it’s almost miraculous. The children haven’t changed but I’ve finally got the patience to deal with it without loosing the plot or bursting into tears. I think I’m finally getting over my illnesses due to loads of sleep and I’m looking forward to the weeks ahead leading up to Christmas holidays. Go figure. Who knew that three days away alone could be so beneficial. I think I may do this every year.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Crafty Girls . . . a Prelude

DSCF1193 Our esteemed leader and creator of Crafty Girls arrived at my house this afternoon with bags full of wool. We’re hosting a Crochet Queens evening tomorrow where we’re attempting to teach the art of crochet to our friends.

My tasks this week have involved compiling an information booklet with stitch guides, a few flower patterns, standard abbreviations, recommended books as well as some great blogs and websites; my second task was to turn these ten 100g balls of wool into 20g balls of wool. Thankfully I was also supplied with a wool winder.


The task is now complete and my bum is numb from being planted on the sofa for a couple of hours, but here we have it . . . lots of little balls of wool with which to be creative. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow night as we haven’t had a Crafty Girls session in a few months and what a way to kick start it again . . . nothing better than yummy treats, good coffee, crochet and some giggles. And it brings to an end some of the frenzy of my life in the past few weeks.

Kayley did a count down tonight of how many sleeps until my holiday and it’s only six. Wow, I can’t wait.

You know how you sometimes say things in jest, almost as a wish, and they come true? Well, a couple of months ago I arrived at preschool to collect Rogan and stated that I needed to find a bach (NZ speak for a holiday home and pronounced batch) to sneak away to for rest and solitude and one of the teachers jumped up and said she had one I was welcome to use. Fantastic. Well, it took a bit home_4 of organising, cajoling and pleading but I’m off on Monday for three whole days to myself. Thames is in the Coromandel which is on the East coast of the North Island. It’s a sleepy little town right on the beach and it’s just lovely. I’ve been there once before many years ago and am keen to explore it once again.


I’m going to stop by the library in Katikati on the way out of town (thanks Greedy for Colour for the suggestion), and load up on books and DVDs, I’ll drag along some craft work, warm clothes, walking shoes and try my hardest to just forget about children, housework, gardening and all the things calling me at home. And a HUGE thank you to Nanny and Grandad who are moving in to look after the little cherubs for three days. I’m a little concern that it may result in divorce by the time I get home but I’ve told them both that they have to back each other up and ask each other for help. Those of us with small children know how quickly they manage to pit one adult against another and mine are no different.  And so, off to bed to begin the “sleep” countdown. I can’t wait!

Friday, August 6, 2010

What a Week

I’ve been very remiss in blogging lately due mostly to winter ills that just won’t go away. I’ve been counting the days in anticipation of feeling better and instead have only continued to feel worse.

It’s funny today, now that I’m drugged up and finally on the mend, but the last two days have seen a deterioration of mind, body and spirit until I’d got myself into such a state yesterday morning I burst into tears when I spotted that Kayley had ridden her bike, with very muddy wheels, over my favourite boots. I had to run off and have a sob when my mothers window cleaners extolled my virtues as a human being for taking on three beautiful children. And the straw that broke the camels back was when I arrived at preschool to collect Janae and I was confronted about nasty little mites in Rogan’s hair. I didn’t succumb to tears at the time but I did that pathetic little hic hic, sob thing we women do when we’re overwhelmed, all the way home.

There was nothing for it. My mother dragged me off to the doctors where he too put up with my tears (pathetic I know), diagnosed me with a respiratory infection, chronic asthma, and generally being run down. So I came home armed with tonics and a pair of hair clippers and propped Rogan up on a stool in the kitchen.

DSCF1191   Because he has such marked asymmetry of his head I was so worried he’d look awful. I’m pleased to say, he actually just looked cuter than before because now it’s easy to see his very cheeky smile and sparkling eyes.

Considering Rogan hates even having a trim he was very brave and put up with a full head shave with stoicism that even the Brits would be proud of. And, it gave me a chance to pick up a crochet hook for the first time in ages, as I couldn’t bear the thought of his poor little head being cold.


And last night I whipped up this little hat for him. Having only done knitting for a number of weeks, it was easy to forget how quick crochet is. There was only one downside to this hat . . . Janae was completely miffed that it wasn’t made for her. But we found her little blue one and she eventually agreed that Rogan could keep his.

Now I’m almost 24 hours into a round of antibiotics and several doses of asthma inhalers, as well as the best sleep I’ve had in weeks this afternoon so I’m feeling a little more like my usual self. I’m almost able to believe I’ll be able to pull off the solo I have to do on Sunday morning. Keep your fingers crossed about that! And it’s only about ten days until my three day holiday in Thames. Woo Hoo. Things are starting to look up.