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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Home from my Hols


I managed to get away about ten on Monday morning, after a Sunday that rivalled all bad days. It was an interesting journey due mostly to my frame of mind. I love driving by myself and I’m the classic car singer and love to have the stereo blaring with terrible 80s and 90s music that I grew up with. This trip, however, I didn’t even turn the radio on and just relaxed into the silence.

I had thought it was going to take ages to get there, but in tDSCF1207ruth, it’s only 120km from home and before I knew it I was driving up this incredibly steep road looking for number 19. Then up a slightly overgrown and stony drive to the prettiest little bach I’ve seen in a long time. And upon unlocking the doors and walking through to the living area I was greeted with these sights. It just took my breath away.

My friend who loaned me the place said I’d be able to sit out on the deck and forget about the world. Well, she wasn’t wrong. It was just too inviting to look away. I unloaded my bags, got a cup of tea and sat out breathing in the peace and quiet.

Knowing that life had been hectic and that having nothing much to do would get old very quickly I’d stopped at the Katikati library, loaded up on BBC dramas on DVD and a book full of hot water bottle knitting patterns. The first task was to finish the jumper I was making for myself and hadn’t had the enthusiasm to finish. So while engrossed in a Catherine Cookson drama I got that finished. (I’ll post some photos of that soon.) And now I’m working on hot water bottle covers for the children. There are so many fabulous patterns it’s been hard to chose just three. There’s one I would love to make but it’s on circular needles and I’ve never used those so it might be time to have Greedy for Colour over for a cuppa and a lesson.

Now I’m home and it’s almost miraculous. The children haven’t changed but I’ve finally got the patience to deal with it without loosing the plot or bursting into tears. I think I’m finally getting over my illnesses due to loads of sleep and I’m looking forward to the weeks ahead leading up to Christmas holidays. Go figure. Who knew that three days away alone could be so beneficial. I think I may do this every year.

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